With more than 34 years of combined experience, we have come a long way in the hosting and server management for gamers. All of the busy worker bees here at PEDataCenter has gaming, server and hosting experiences – This makes for the dream team of game hosting.

Meet the team

Our group at PEDataCenter is dedicated and professional in handling all forms of gaming server services. We have a great team, including dedicated, knowledgeable, and tech-savvy marketers and developers, capable of handling game servers professionally and satisfactorily.

The sole purpose of our team is to ensure gamers gaming servers got better, larger, faster, livelier, and free from stress. As a matter of our professionalism and expertise in gamer servers, we are having a large database of gamers coming from different parts of the world.

Everything you need to experience gaming with a speed of light is obtainable in our data center. That is why you should go ahead and take up the opportunity provided today without wasting another minute.

Hassle free services for gamers

If you have ever thought of getting a hassle-free game server hosting service, you should only go for experienced gaming professionals who are capable of meeting your needs. We are here to make it possible for every gamer in any part of the world to enjoy a hassle-free game hosting experience.

We have more than three decades of combined experience in the game server hosting service. Our team is also experienced in server management, ensuring that gamers are provided with what they need to enjoy a high-speed game server at any point in time.

Let us help your game server work faster than ever 

The truth is that many gaming servers out there are not performing as promised. Some of them are not delivered with assured speed, while some are still struggling to handle some of the required services but mainly focused on making returns and profit in their hosting services.

PEDataCenter is well-aware of the things required to make your gaming server work efficiently speedily. That is what made it necessary that you go on to hire us for your hosting service without wasting time.

We do not believe in making tall claims without being able to keep them. That is what distinguishes us from every other hosting company out there.

PEDataCenter team working on a server

Our mission & values

We here at PEDataCenter have certain values we follow to provide you, the customer, with the best service possible. Our mission is to take the game hosting services to the next level.

With our expertise in creating high-performance games, with assured reliability and environmental specific hosting, many games are already sharing happy testimonials. Gamers will always find the specific hosting plan for their games as they check through our platform. Some of the things every gamer will enjoy as they visit our platform include:

  • 99% uptime
  • 99% recorded happy customers
  • Gamer specific hosting environment
  • Reliable, honest, and assured loyal hosting servers with a focus on the needs of customers.
Learn more about our values & mission

Our guarantees

We want guarantee our customers the best of the best, that’s why we’ve made a dedicated guarantees-page where you can learn more.

PEDataCenter offers a reinforced service quick and prompt customer support as well as tailored services that will meet the needs of everyone. So, you will always be sure of experiencing the highest level of the game server hosting at an affordable rate as you check through our server hosting plan today.

Another thing about our hosting service is that it comes with geostrategic, which ensures trustworthy and prompt servers to gamers. So, you can go on and take advantage of the opportunity provided on this platform.