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Jonathan Hewitt

Worked with servers and hosting for over 10 years combined.

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Jonathan Hewitt, Hosting Expert & CEO

My name is Jonathan Hewitt and I’ve worked with server management and hosting services for as long as I can remember. With a passion for gaming, the two combined is a picture perfect match for PEDataCenter.

There are many things about Jonathan Hewitt that singled out from other web hosting experts. That is why we are proud to introduce him to our team. Jonathan is among those that contributed to the success of PEDataCenter in meeting the needs of customers from around the world.

Being a part of our web hosting expert team, Jonathan has contributed hugely to ensure gamers on our platform experienced satisfaction. Passionate about rending professional game hosting service Hewitt is working hard to ensure smooth interaction between the people and technology.

Jonathan Hewitt making new hosting technology accessible to gamers

Game server hosting cannot be possible without the help of a professional team. It takes experts team with experience in technology to handle effective web and game hosting services. Jonathan is well-learned and experience in handling all forms of web hosting and game server hosting services.

The expert has been busy creating topnotch products focused on meeting the needs of customers. Since the time Jonathan joined PEDataCenter, he has been doing his best to improve the efficiency of the service. With the quality service offered by Jonathan, game server hosting has been made more accessible to gamers across the globe than ever.

Some things you should know about Jonathan Hewitt

Having spent years working as a web and game hosting expert, Jonathan Hewitt knows the underpinning of web hosting. He is aware of the tricks and tactics associated with web hosting, which is the reason we added him to our team. Getting a solid game server hosting service is easy with the help of this experienced professional. Some of the things you can get from PEDataCenter are:

  • Easy access to enhanced game hosting technology
  • Solid hosting platform and other web tools
  • Highest uptime is possible in the game server hosting.

Ready to make things easier for customers

Different people know Jonathan Hewitt for a different thing. Some know him as a professional web developer. But those that have benefited from our game server hosting have always known the personality as a trained expert in the field.

He is not just good in server hosting, but also ensuring the highest quality service that will meet the need of gamers irrespective of the environment. Getting 99% uptime in your game server is possible when you work with the professional team on the internet.

Hobbies after work

You cannot claim to know someone until you find out about his or her hobbies. Knowing how someone spends his leisure is essential in knowing the overall personality of the person.

Jonathan Hewitt enjoys snowboarding and some outdoor sports. When he is not working, he will choose to engage his mind in sports. Surfing is another game loved by this PEDataCenter hosting expert.

And last but not least…

Join among those that will experience speedy gaming by hosting your server in our swift server. It is where you will get the satisfaction you need in your hosting service. Jonathan Hewitt is ready to make it easy for you to access to enhanced technology for your game server hosting needs.