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Performance Enhanced Data Center is a dedicated gaming server hosting service provider that makes life easier for gamers who want to become highly successful playing online. As the name implies, the company represents high performance and provides gamers with the tools they need to succeed and create for them the perfect environment where they can make success.

To have the best gaming experience, players need to host their games on the best servers. This is a major pre-requisite for playing online games. It is important to note that the quality of a player’s gaming experience is largely influenced by the quality of the server they use.

This is the reason why gamers should take the time they need to find the perfect Game Server Hosting services available on the internet. One such service is the PEDataCenter hosting services. The company runs very flexible, highly efficient gaming servers that would make any gamer’s experience the best they can ever have.

The Importance Of High Performance Game Server Hosting

Modern games run on complex algorithms and require advanced functionalities to make them work perfectly. This has been a challenge for players who play their games on PC.

Most of the generic server services out there do not have the capabilities and the custom functionalities that the games require. As a result, players usually have a limited gaming experience that also impedes their success and limits their performance.

Using our Game Server Hosting service would eliminate all of that and give players the best gaming experience they could ever require. Players would also be able to find that they can be more successful in their gaming efforts.

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Why We’re The #1 Choice for Server Hosting Among Gamers

There are quite a few reasons why players should make the effort to get the best gaming servers. And this is not about getting generic server services, but dedicated server services like the ones offered by PEDataCenter. The following are some of the reasons why players should get the best gaming servers.

A higher level of reliability

When you use the best Game Server Hosting services, you enjoy a higher level of reliability as a player. This is basically because these servers are built specifically for gaming and so are equipped with functionalities that are peculiar to gaming alone. And as a gamer, this is exactly what you want because you know you can rely on the server and you know exactly what to expect.

Lower lag time

One of the challenges that generic servers pose is that of very high lag time. Playing live multiplayer games require the fastest servers with the lowest lag times for the gaming experience to be perfect. This is exactly what the hosting services of PEDataCenter affords users. You get an almost non-existent lag time.

Better overall performance

This is one of the major reasons to use a dedicated server service when you play multiplayer online games. With a dedicated server, you can have a seamless gaming experience that would not just make gaming perfect for you but that would also give you an advantage against your opponents.

Most games now are configured to work best with dedicated servers. This is why it is important to find a Game Server Hosting service that is perfect for the games.

A higher level of flexibility

Players are only assured of the highest level of control and flexibility when they use a dedicated server for their gaming. This is very important because, with more control, your gaming can be better customized to take advantage of your strengths.

There are several high-level benefits of choosing the best gaming servers. This is the reason why it is important to know the right service proven to use when looking for such servers.

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Why Choose Us For You Game Server Hosting?

PEDataCenter is one of the most successful companies in the Game Server Hosting services business. They have a proven track record that dates back several years. They have also evolved to accommodate the new realities in the online gaming world.

The following are some of the most interesting facts to know about them and why they are the perfect server provider for the gaming community.

We are nimble

This is one of the major qualities that are responsible for the success they have recorded in the dedicated gaming server industry. Many providers who are not as nimble got carried away with success and have not been able to move with the demands of the market. But PEDataCenter knows just how to change with time, especially to accommodate the needs of the market. The company has evolved its services over time, strengthening its Game Server Hosting services every time. Their nimbleness also stems from their ability to innovate.

We have several years of experience

PEDataCenter has been in the gaming server hosting business for several years now. The fact that they have survived and continue to thrive in the market is a testament to their relevance and the value they bring to the market. Over the several years that they have been in the business, they have effectively provided hundreds of thousands of gamers with customer gaming server hosting services.

We have a wide area of coverage

Another important fact to know about the services of this company is that they cover a wide range of geographical location. Dedicated server services can be limited in the IP areas they cover. This is one of the major considerations to make when making your choice. PEDataCenter provides the widest cover for gamers by covering a very wide area.

The company provides dedicated gaming servers that can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Therefore, no matter where a player is, they can easily access the servers and enjoy their gaming.

We hot best pricing available

This is one of the most interesting facts to know about this company. They provide premium server services at the price of regular. This is huge for gamers because, with them, they can spend a little money to secure full service from the company.

Dynamic space management

One of the most unique things about the company and their unique Game Server Hosting service is that they have dynamic space management that offers players more options and more flexibility than they can possibly get otherwise.

This dynamism is one of the innovations that makes gaming more fun and more efficient for gamers. This is especially important for those who play many heavy games that require large disk space. The services of PEDataCenter makes it easy to enjoy such dynamism.

Using the services of this company has made many gamers more successful. It does not just afford players a greater level of comfort, but an all-round gaming experience that they may not be able to get otherwise.

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Available Games to Host A Server On

PEDataCenter has many options for gamers. No matter what the specifications and unique needs of gamers are, there is a dedicated server that the company has to provide those utilities. They have dedicated servers for different games you may want to play. The following are some of the games they have servers that are customized to handle and give gamers the best experience and the winning edge.

There are also several other games that PEDataCenter covers. The company provides dedicated Game Server Hosting services for these games. This means you can enjoy the best experience while also being able to customize the server further to conform to your preferred gaming environment.

Rust on PS4 and Xbox One

Hosting Features

There has been much talk about the uniqueness of PEDataCenter. We examine some of those unique qualities here.

24-hour support for users

One of the uniqueness of the gamin server provider is the quality of the support service they render to users. They render 24-hours uninterrupted support service to users. Whether the support that users are technical or otherwise, they know how to get things done for them fast. They help users solve problems from the configuration to the effective management of their server.

Hosting all the games

One of the challenges that many Game Server Hosting service providers have is how late they show up at the party. Many gamers, however, don’t have the luxury of time to wait for a server provider for weeks before they can configure their operations to host a game. With this company, however, they are the first to host every game. They have developed a level of expertise and professionalism that makes this possible.

Full backup of all game servers

Players need to be sure their games are not going to be lost with ease. This is why they want a server provider who also provides constant backup of their games. Nothing is more frustrating than having to start all over again after you have made some strides in a game. This is what the PEDataCenter offers. They make sure to back up the games of their players every day.

Constantly updated hardware

Every server service operates on top quality hardware. This is the reason why this company ensures an upgrade of their hardware constantly to meet up with new demands. In this way, those who use their services can enjoy the high speed and an absolute level of security possible.

The best user interface

Using the Game Server Hosting service of this company means players are signing up for the best and most reliable service possible. Additionally, users also get the best user interface possible. This gives them the perfect user experience they can get from a server hosting service.

They provide the most intuitive interface that is even customizable to users preferences. Their great GUI interface makes configuration easy.

How To Rent A Server From Us

If you are a gamer who wants to have the best gaming experience, there is no doubt that the hosting services of PEDataCenter are the best option to use. It is, therefore, important to know how to buy their services. As a core value, the company actively seeks ways of making accessibility easy. And this is not different for paying for their services.

Gamers can find easy ways and flexible options for payment. Some of the payment methods they accept include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • American Express
  • Bank payments
  • Cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin

They have made life easy for users that they can pay for their services without having to go outside their comfort zone. Players can always find what they need there at any point in time.

Special Services On Offer

The company offers players special services. This is for players who want more than just a regular dedicated service. The company can help users create custom-built server rooms and spaces. This includes colocation options including rack spaces that offer great services including 24-hour remote support and special dual-layer redundancy services.

Final Words

In conclusion, using the services of PEDataCenter is not just the best a multiplayer online gamer can use, it is also the most innovative and the most reliable. The flexibility of the Game Server Hosting service that the company offers is second to none.

They also afford users several benefits that make them the go-to service provider for such services. Their experience in the industry positions them as highly reliable and the flexibility of their pricing means users can get value for money. They are a company that leaves nothing to chance, so they take the time to ensure that users get what they want and provide capabilities for users to get the best of their experience through customization.

They also provide additional services for users to enable them to get the extra support they may need. Whether a player wants to build a private server or get a co-location rack space, they are there with the right tools and the right professional expertise to offer the best service for the user.

Overall, the company is the gamers best chance of getting the perfect server hosting service.