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When it comes to Ark Survival Evolved hosting, you will find a lot of hosting options and packages on the internet. You will find the hosting packages designed to meet your gaming needs, and the ones created to give you the level of satisfaction you desired. However, most of these hosting services come at exorbitant prices. Some of them are offered with a high monthly subscription amount.

We are ready to ensure you get the level of satisfaction you want without spending a lot of money. To embrace our cheap Ark Survival, you should connect to our hosting team on the internet today without wasting another minute.


Rent now from $5/Month

Our Ark server hosting cost starts at $5, which is extremely competitive comparing to what other hosting companies offer. More so, there are some added pecks available to game owners in the hosting services we offer. Some of these pecks you need to know include:

  • Free DDoS security and protection
  • Support for various game modes. Including Survival of the fittest, SE, Xbox one, Extinction, PS4 and more.
  • Our hosting packages come with a lot of slots ranging from 10 – 130.

These are among the things that attract gamers to our site at any given time. So, if you want to experience gaming entertainment the way you desire, you should go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity we offer on our platform.

Ark Survival evolved Steam PC Server

Experience uninterrupted gameplay with our Ark server hosting

While cost is one of the things to consider in your bid to get the best game hosting service, it is necessary not to forget confirming performance and server speed.

Focusing on cost without paying attention to performance and speed will make you compromise quality. But, we at PEDataCenter are ready to allow you to enjoy both low pricing and quality performance. There are also a lot of options in the in-game customization you will benefit from as you host your game with us.

All we do is to ensure you enjoy immersive gameplay with the customization options made available on our game server hosting service. No one is ever happy to experience traffic in the game server. That is why we are ready to ensure your server is hosting on a dedicated server. So, irrespective of the number of players connected to your game server, the performance of your game will still be speedy.

We offer an amazing management support system with unlimited traffics to every gamer on our platform. In that regard, you do not have to worry when people begin to connect to your game server, as it will not affect your server speed and performance. More so, we do everything within our capability to give quality service to all gamer around.

Why We’re Voted #1 Server Hosting for Ark Survival

Hosting your Ark server with us will increase your chances of enjoying the uninterrupted experience in your gaming. More so, you will be sure of getting optimum customization options as well as flawless gaming performance when you take advantage of our hosting service today.

One more thing about our server hosting here is that it comes without any poor ping or lag connections. These and more are reasons you should go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity presented before you today to enjoy the gamer server hosting we offer.

server DDOS protection

Benefit from our Free DDoS protection

Since the game server hosting is done on the internet, giving the public access to your game any given time, there is a need for protection. Get adequate protection on your game server to avoid bringing your server down or causing a problem you will not like to face in your game. But, there are many game server hosting companies out there that do not consider the protection and safety of their customers when they render their hosting service.

Our Ark survival evolved server hosting comes with specially designed security and safety options that will give you peace of mind. Our advanced DDoS protection is provided to immune your server from any form of external force, spyware, and other malicious attacks.

The attacks that can compromise your game security will be blocked before it gets to your game server with the advanced DDoS safety feature provided on this platform. More so, the extra security feature provided to our customers allows them to enjoy peace of mind as they go about their gaming. So, you will no longer have to worry about protecting your game server, as we are ready to get that done without charging extra bulk.

More so, we will do everything within our knowledge and capability to ensure your satisfaction with the immersive gameplay after hosting the game on this platform.

Easy backup system for your Ark server

The Ark Survival game comes with different challenges that you need to be creative enough to avoid being killed. Most people normally get unnecessarily aggressive or angry when they got killed in their games, but that should not be with easy back-up feature associated with our game hosting service.

Getting starved to death or killed by the dangers in the community is not the end of your game as you allow us to be your hosting team. We are providing everyone an opportunity to move back to the previous level of the game and retry to survive in the situation or challenges they have failed earlier.

With our ark survival evolved server hosting, you will not have to punish your keyboard, or your game input device after failing a particular level of the game. Just with a few mouse clicks, you will be able to go back to the previous stage. You can go back to the formal game progress without facing difficulty, as you utilize the provided options.

The majority of people coming for our gamer server hosting are attracted to it after exploring the available features and pecks in our hosting service. So, you will enjoy added security-layered security, and an opportunity to continue from the place you failed in the game when you allow us to host your game today.

Take advantage of our fast and simple setup process

The configuration time for the server should be considered before deciding on the best hosting company for you. Many game server hosting platforms only allow gamers to enjoy the game with added features, but will not allow them to bypass the technicalities in the game. But, we at PEDataCenter are ready to ensure you experience easy and fast game set-up after your payment has been confirmed.

More so, we make sure gamers do not waste much of their time to utilize our amazing server hosting. To make this possible, we deliver the server hosting to your device as quickly as possible. The straightforward game server hosting and setup method with little or no complication can be counted among the reasons we are the best hosting companies around.

Follow our simple step-by-step process to set up your server for gaming. The instructions provided here are also easy to follow. So, you will be able to handle the installation yourself without need to contact a technical expert for assistance.

You do not have to pass through stress to choose the Ark Survival game mod that will meet your needs as you follow through our effortless processes provided. Check through our oodles of game modification options to get the one you need and install with few mouse clicks.

Updated dinosaurs on Ark Server

Fully equipped Ark Hosting with tons of customization options

When it comes renting an Ark server, certain things are required to ensure efficiency. The server hosting company handling the service must be fully equipped to do a good job. More so, to make the survival game more interesting and captivating, there is a need to add several customization options.

These are among the things that made us the best server hosting company in the gaming world. We have the required equipment and tools to ensure a high level of satisfaction and fast completion of hosting for all our customers. More so, our servers are offered with expansion packs as well as oodles of pecks that will meet the needs of gamers across the globe. More so, you can install any of the expansion packs provided with only a click of a mouse.

The hosting packs provided here allow you to save the time involved in searching through the internet to download them. Also, the Ark server hosting service provided by our team offers gamers amazing flexibility to set up their game settings base on their requirements.

There are more than a hundred different game settings available for you to configure in the gameplay provided here. So, you have what it takes to enjoy the wonderful gaming experience at any giving time as you take advantage of the things we offer on the internet today.

How Much Does An Ark Server Cost?

Every gamer has one thing in mind when looking for a gamer server, the most affordable hosting platform. At PEDataCenter, we are ready to offer you price-efficient in all our game server hosting services.

Breaking a bank to host a game is not reasonable, and we are aware of that, so we decided to give everyone an opportunity to get the best game server hosting service without charging a lot of money. The fraction of the game server hosting price on other platforms is what we are ready to offer.

More so, we are ready to beat the prices of other gamer server hosting companies on the internet without compromising quality, performance, speed, and customer satisfaction. That is what made us the best team for your server hosting needs at any given time. So, go ahead and check through our server hosting pricing to know the one that will meet your needs today.

Putting pressure on your pocket to pay for server hosting is not economical. That is why you should consider taking advantage of the opportunity we are ready to offer today without wasting another minute. Most gamers come to us for their game hosting due to our reasonable pricing compared to our counterparts. To rent the server, you only need a click of a mouse on the button provided.

Our monthly hosting costs

Survival is a state of living, despite an ordeal, accident, or any form of difficult circumstances. A survival environment usually lacks relevant things needed for the existence of life. When in a survival environment, you may be lacking water, food, or any other thing required to make life worthwhile. You must do everything possible to ensure continuity of life when you find yourself in the state of survival.

Those things you will like to do to survive are what this game is created to prove. You must set out the best way to escape the hardship associated with the survival environment. To enjoy more gaming features and mods, you should host your game with us.

The configuration you have selected will determine the monthly subscription cost for you’re the ark survival evolved server hosting (rent an ark server). Some other factors that determine the amount you will be expected to pay for your monthly subscription include:

  • MySQL database
  • Type of server shared or VPS
  • Payment method available
  • Branding of the server you have decided to choose.

The length of time you desire to be in the Ark Survival Evolved will determine the number of months you will subscribe. We always advise people to rent the server for an extended period of up to 3 months and above if they want to play the game for a longer period.

Server rental period

One exciting thing about Ark Survival Evolved is that they are provided with already available servers for gamers to rent. Ark comes with a lot of game servers available for rent. So, you will always discover the best way to rent the server at any given time and enjoy the uninterrupted gaming experience with your friends.

The platform you choose when you want to rent server matters. You must be ready to consider your needs and preferences in the game to know the length of time to choose for your renting. We usually recommend not less than 30 days for those that want to rent the Ark Survival server with us.

One of the reasons we normally recommend renting the server for an extended time is to reduce costs. So, if you want to spend less to get the server features, you should consider increasing your rental period. We are making sure that every gamer experience satisfaction with the server renting service we offer.

The ark survival evolved server hosting provided by us comes with all the things you need to continue to enjoy gaming amazingly and interestingly. More so, the renting cost can be shared between your friends and other people that decide to join your server. With that, you will spend a little amount of money to get the desired server hosting service you want.

Enjoy Our 99.99% Server Uptime

You do not have to throw your full weight in support of a server hosting or renting platform without considering some essential factors. The three most important factors to consider when you want to rent a server for your game are The Server speed, the uptime period, and the customer support service provided by the hosting company.

The server uptime is one of the things you should never forget when you want to enjoy the Ark Survival Evolved game with your friends. To make every gamer happy with our hosting service, we have decided to offer servers coming with 99.9% uptime. In that regard, our servers are always on to keep you online for your gaming entertainment.

To remain online and enjoy the premium gaming experience, you should go for a prepaid server plan. One more thing you should know is that the prepaid server will allow you to remain online whether your console or computer is on or off. Therefore, your team members and friends will always enter the game at their times.

With this opportunity, the PS4, Xbox, or PC does not have to be on for the server to be effective. Also, you will have an opportunity to access the server through a dashboard at your preferred time. Go ahead and get the prepaid server for rent, and your server will always be available on the internet.

Change Game to Host When You Rent With Us

One of the most asked questions among gamers is whether they can change to another game on the hosting server. If you have asked the same question, the answer is yes. You will be provided with an opportunity to host the game of your choice or change the game you want when you choose our hosting service today.

We have some recommended games you can change on our server without anything to worry about in your gaming. Some of these games include Rust, FiveM, and Minecraft. These are the captivating games that will always meet your needs at any given time. So, you can take advantage of the opportunity granted to you on this platform to enjoy wonderful gaming experience without the need to worry.

PC steam games banner

There are many reasons people decide to change from one game to another on our server. Most people do this because they are no longing finding the Ark Survival Evolved interesting, and others do that taste some other exciting games on the platform.

Whatever your reason is, you will stand a chance of changing to the game of your desire when you check on our platform. Switching to another game on our platform is easy, and does not cause a problem.

Number of players that can join your server when you host with us

The Ark Survival Evolved game is one of the games that get more interesting with an increase in the number of players. To enjoy the game, you should allow your friends and other team members to join your server. The knowledge of this has made most gamers begin to ask about the maximum number of players that can be allowed to join their server.

That is why we have decided to clarify to you our gamer on this to make it easy for you to enjoy a wonderful gaming experience that will always keep you happy.

Our Ark server hosting is designed in such a way that gamers are assigned the number of slots base on the package they have selected. Also, the number of slots will determine the number of people that can be allowed in a server. So, if you want to have a lot of people joining your server with an issue, you should always choose the number slots before checkout.

The Ark Survival evolved server hosting service comes with a range of slots from 10 to 128. More so, the number of slots allowed is dependent on the type of server, whether dedicated or VPS server. The CPU and RAM size is also another determinant factor in the number of a slot to expect.

What you should know about Server RAM & CPU

Although we are doing our best to ensure high performance and speed in your game server, you should enhance your device to avoid being interrupted when you want to enjoy the game.

Your servers Random Access Memory (RAM) and Central Processing Unit (CPU) should be upgraded to enable you to enjoy the advanced mode of Ark Survival Evolved.

But, you should also know that our prepaid servers are not configured perfectly, thereby do not require any form of added specs. Nevertheless, there is a need for you to upgrade the specifications to avoid interruption or slow in your gaming.

We are ready to ensure you enjoy a high level of gaming satisfaction as you take advantage of the things provided here. You will discover the simplest ways to make your gaming more satisfying when you subscribe to our server hosting service today.

Install add-ons and mods on your Ark server

Installation of mods and add-ons are required to make your gaming more entertaining and satisfying. It is what you need to ensure your Ark Survival Evolved turns out to be exciting and captivating all the time. While some servers do not allow the addition of mods, we allow that, knowing how it can add to the satisfaction and gaming experience of gamers around.

You can install add-ons and mods on your Ark Survival Evolved server. We are ready to allow you to install the number of mods and add-ons as you desire, as they enhance the excitement and interesting nature of your game. Making use of the mods will help to remove boredom from your game completely.

We have already provided effective guides that will enable you to learn how to install mods and add-ons in the Ark Survival Evolved game. Therefore, you can go ahead and follow the guides provided to get the result you need in your game without any form of issue.

In case you do have another question that has to do with our cloud server hosting performance, you should feel free to ask by contacting us through the contact page. Just know that we will not hesitate to attend to your question and offer a satisfactory answer at any given time.

About Ark Survival & Why You Should Rent Your Own Server

Survival games are made to sharpen your creativity, skill, and ability to respond quickly in the face of challenges. These are the games that can make you explore the virtual world, search for food, rebuild your shelter, and also protect your team members from being killed from hunger and thirst.

Versatility is required to play the game to a certain level due to its demanding level and more. However, the server host you choose will determine what you stand to get from the game.

At PEDataCenter, we are ready to provide you with a better opportunity to enjoy speed and great performance in your gaming. More so, we are prepared to provide you with all the things you need to take your gaming to entirely a new height with the added mods packs offered alongside the game here.

These are the reasons you should make sure you host with us without wasting another minute.


If you have thought of being in the imaginary world with Jurassic pack and more, you should consider taking part in the Ark Survival Evolved game. The action-adventure game is all about taming the prehistoric creatures and survival. Dinosaurs are among the prehistoric creature you will find to assist you in getting an uncountable quest in the game.

The game was made public in August 2018 and created to support several devices, such as the Xbox device, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows. Later in the year, the Android and iOS version of Ark Survival Evolved Server was introduced. You have the opportunity to experience the highest level of entertainment as you proceed with the game.

By November 2018, Ark was named the most popular action-adventure game by gamers across the world as more than 2.4% of the population of PC gamers was all playing the game. More so, German gamers are enthralled with this game, as they find it interesting among other action-adventure video games. The game comes with an expansion version and immersive graphics, which made it more attractive to gamers across the globe.

Concerning the Ark gameplay, the focus is on the survival in the virtual land with many prehistoric creatures around. Players have the opportunity to move around the city riding on dinosaur or foot while playing in the perspective of the first or third-person.

The multiplayer mode

It may interest to take note of the multiplayer mode associated with the Ark Survival Evolved game. In this mode, players have the opportunity to form or join a tribe. The tribes are created to assist or protect one another to attack any other tribes around in a way to defend the base or territory. Different servers allowed a different number of the permitted number of members in a tribe.

Therefore, you must be ready to showcase your creativity and fighting skills to help your tribe members in defeating other attacking tribes at any given time. More so, you can take on the PvE mode to be immune to attack from other players or to have your tribe members barred from fighting or attacking one another. Some other game modes you should consider benefiting from in the Ark server hosting include:

  • Primitive mode
  • PvX mod for mobile platform
  • Hardcore
  • ARKpocalypse
  • Survival of the fittest.
Creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved

Creatures in Ark Survival Evolved

A lot of prehistoric creatures are available in the Ark Survival game to make it more interesting and fun. Presently there are more than one hundred and seventy-six (176) creatures.

While it is true that the Ark Survival Evolved formally consists of only dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, there is an increase in the number of animals and creatures, following the progress of the game. Some signature creatures were added later by the game developers. More so, some mystical creatures like wyvern and phoenix were also added to enhance the game rank.

You can go ahead and install this game into your device to begin to enjoy the unforgettable gaming experience provided. After installation of the game following the simple guides provided, we will be ready to host the game for you with easy setup and configuration. These are among the things that made the game more interesting and captivating.

Benefits of hosting your own Ark Server

Are there benefits associated with renting an Ark server offered by our trained and trusted team? If you have ever asked this question, the answer is yes.

There are a lot of benefits provided to all gamers that host their game with us. You will be sure of getting your own already tamed dinosaurs for easy riding around the city alongside some place of shelter in the survival land of the ark. As a creative multiplayer video game, your role in this game is to create your tribe or join an existing tribe to fight against other tribes.

There are a lot of reasons you should go on to take advantage of our hosting service. Some of the benefits available for everyone one here includes:

  • Enhance your overall gaming experience
  • Build your tribe
  • Decide on how to rule your tribe members
  • Gain access to a lot of exclusive content
  • A lot of cluster server feature.

You have what it takes to experience wonderful gaming experience as you allow our trained and renowned team to help you in hosting your game. We are set to give you the level of satisfaction you have always desired in your gaming through our hosting service today.

How we can help you

Now you can discover what it takes to experience gaming satisfaction with the best action-adventure video game as you consult our hosting team. The hosting service provided here is designed with the interest of gamers assured.

There are chances to add the number of players you want in your game without extract cost. More so, you will be sure of enjoying gaming satisfaction as you build your tribe to attack other tribes around.

Our cheap game hosting service can be regarded as the reason gamers from all walks of life are trooping into our online platform for their game hosting. That is what made it necessary that you go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity presented before you today without wasting another minute.

Adding to the game hosting service provided by the professional team, you will get DDoS protection without spending your money. Another thing is that the server hosting service provided by our team allows you to benefit from many other features, such as Xbox, Extinction, Survival of the fittest, and SE.

You now have what it takes to experience the level of gaming satisfaction you have desired as you take advantage of our hosting service today.