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For any player to get the best of the DayZ game and enjoy the gameplay fully, they need the best DayZ server hosting services for the game. This is the first critical step every player must take. Playing the game on a bad server would limit the success of the player.

It is important for players to know the best DayZ server hosting services to go for. This is done in one basic way; renting. To rent a DayZ server, simply click the button below to get started.

The Best Server Hosting for DayZ

One of the challenges that players have to face is finding the best server hosting services on the internet for the game. Usually, for every online multiplayer game, servers are customized for each game. This means the server for one game cannot be ideally used for another.

There are server services that are robust and that require only that the games the user wants to play be configured to function on the server. However, in the most ideal of situations, the best approach to employ is to get a standalone server service that is configured for the game specifically. This is exactly what every DayZ player needs.

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To find the best DayZ Standalone server hosting service, players need to do their homework. There are different steps to take to ensure the service they eventually settle for is the most ideal for them.

Consider the track record of the hosting service

This can be the biggest and smartest step to take to secure the best server hosting service for the game. This is very important because a server hosting service provider with a stellar track record is better than one that does not have any proven record at all. Choosing a provider with a good record with players gives you a measure of assurance that you are going to get the best service.

Check the terms and conditions of service

One other important step to take when you want to have the best hosting service or when you want to rent a DayZ server is to look at the terma and conditions of the service provider. This can give you an insight into how much they care about their customers and whether you should use their services.

Consider their technical capabilities

While it is important to know what you want in the perfect server hosting service, it is even more important to be sure the service provider you are considering has the capacity to give you what you want. This is, perhaps, the most important measure of the ability of the service provider to meet your needs. The better equipped they are, the more confidence you can have in their service. The better their hardware capability, the better for you.

Ask their customer base

This can be a subtle way of knowing whether a server hosting service is good enough or not. When you are searching for the perfect DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) service, one way to find the most successful providers is their customer base. The higher the players who use their services, the more likely it is that they know just what they are doing. Players would only be confident to use a service if they are getting what they want from it.

Consider their game server hosting experience

The easiest way to know that a server hosting service provider has what it takes to give players the perfect service is to look at how long they have been in the business. The best place to Rent a DayZ server is PEDataCenter because we have been in the gaming server hosting business for years and have succeeded in it.

As an experienced online multiplayer game player, you know what you want in the perfect service. You know what to look for in a service that is just right for you. It is important, therefore, to know the right vendor to choose online to give yourself the best chance of success possible.

DayZ Server Features

Finding the best server hosting services for the DayZ game is not a given. An experienced gamer knows this. They also know the importance of getting it right when choosing a server hosting service. They understand that their choice would have a significant impact on their gameplay and their overall performance.

They also know that the quality of the server they host their game on would determine how much they enjoy their gaming. So, they know just the right features to look for. In this section, we will look at some of those non-negotiable features and capabilities of the best server hosting services.

Intuitive Control Panel

The control panel is where everything about the server and the game is controlled. As a player, you need to look at the quality of the control panel, how robust it is and how intuitive it is to use.

The best servers are not complicated to understand and control. The better the control panel, the easier it is for you to control the game and set your preferences.

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Easy Configuration Capability

One of the challenges that many players have when they are looking for the best DayZ server hosting service to go for. When you rent a server, you would have to configure it to your specific requirements.

This, for many players and with many server hosting services, can be complicated. Therefore, it is important to find a server service that makes this as easy and as convenient as possible.

Great Map Support

In the DayZ game, the two republics are Chernarus and Livonia. Each of these republics has its own maps. However, it is important to know that not all server hosting services support the maps.

Having the maps supported is an added advantage for players. It makes navigating the land easy and gives players an edge in the game. This is one of the top benefits of choosing the best server hosting service.

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Enterprise Hardware

One way to measure the quality of the best services when you want to Rent a DayZ server is the quality of the hardware.

The best servers are on SSD and operate the highest clock speeds in the market. They are also operated on the latest processor technologies like i7 and i9 processors.

Full DDOS Protection

One of the major challenges that players have with their server hosting services is that they are not sure of the level of security protocols protecting the data center.

The best services are protected with enterprise-level DDOS protocols. This guarantees an absolute level of security for gamers and gives them the assurance that their gameplay is super secure.

Of course, there are a ton of other features that gamers want on their gaming servers. While some of those features are luxuries, many of them are a necessity. Therefore, it is critically important to know those qualities and features that must be present in your DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) service.

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Why You Need The Perfect GUI for Your DayZ Server

For every gaming server, the most important element is the control panel. This is because it is from the control panel that every activity is controlled; that every feature is activated or deactivated. The control panel is the brain and the heart of the game.

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It is important to make sure the control panel is usable. The gaming user interfaces that the control panel affords users is the most important element. You need to be sure it has all the important elements to make control easy for you.

When you want to rent a DayZ server, there are certain important control panel considerations to make. however, many players make the mistake of making trades-off between quality and price. And some players are just plain impatient and in the end, they get a server they are not happy with.

This is the reason why players need to take their time to look at the critical parts of the service they are getting. The following are some of the non-negotiable qualities and features of the best gaming server control panel.

One-click controls

The best servers have single-click controls. This makes operating the server not complicated. There are servers that end up confusing users. They have to figure out how to get things done on the platforms. It is important to use a server that enables you, as much as possible, to focus on the actual gameplay rather than on control complexities.

Synchronization support

The best servers have a sync support capability that is easy to control from the control panel. The control panel makes this easily accessible. This is the reason why it is important to make sure the control panel that the server hosting service provides is robust enough and all-encompassing. On the control panel, with a single button click, you can easily add and connect mod servers without any hassles.

Easy task scheduling

Modern gaming can be complicated involving great strategies and actions. This means, tasks can be scheduled so that you get things done in the game in an organized way. When you buy or rent the best servers, one of the capabilities you get is a feature that helps you schedule important tasks.

These tasks include updating your server, handling mods. It can also include backups and updates of plugins and several other important in-game and support tasks.

Simple usage guide

The best servers include the functionality of guides and hints. From the control panel, players can enjoy a step by step guide for getting things done. While the server is configured such that it is easy to operate, the additional step by step guide also means that players can understand the full features of the game and how they can take advantage of them. This is one of the most unique features of the best DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) service you would find.

Overall, the best server control panels make gaming interesting and so much fun for players. This is the reason why players must do their due diligence before going for a server hosting service. Knowing what to look for in the best servers and finding a provider that is able to deliver it is the most important capability of a player. This would determine the quality of their gaming experience and that is what success in gaming is all about.

Every player must, therefore, know that finding the best server for their gaming is not a given. They should also know that they would come across hundreds, if not thousands of such services on the internet. Knowing the right option for them is a capability that would benefit them in the long run.

Therefore, if you want to rent a DayZ server, then patience is the key. There are many ways to ensure you get the best. You can ask friends who have used a service before; you can ask for recommendations from a gaming community you belong to. You can get a ton of information on the internet that would help you make the most ideal choice.

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What to Look for in DayZ Hosting Providers

Getting the best server service for your DayZ gaming is not a given. This is especially true if you want to have it at the best price. If you don’t want to have to pay a lot of money to rent the server for the game, many times, you may be required to make trades-off in certain functionalities and capabilities of the server. However, this is one thing you don’t want to do. Therefore, you need to know the right steps to take and the right place to go to get the best servers for the game.

To get the best servers for the game at a low cost, it is important to do your homework. This is so because you will definitely get many offers, which may look attractive from the cost point of view, but that may not be ideal for you unless you know the other non-negotiable functionalities and qualities to have. The following are some of the must-haves of the best DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) no matter how cheap it is.

High server speed

One of the most important non-negotiable functionality of the best servers for the game is high server speed. Many games, including DayZ, that are being produced nowadays, are top quality in terms of graphics and can be very heavy. This requires a very strong server and high server speed to play them successfully.

It is important to know that one of the major challenges of these online multiplayer games is the lag time. With a high enough server speed, this is completely eliminated and players can enjoy a seamless playing experience and achieve the success they desire.

High-quality ping

One of the peculiarities of the best servers for the game is their high quality and fast ping. This is possible because the hosting service provider has its servers in several places. This makes it easy for gamers to easily connect to a server that is close to them. Therefore, no matter how affordable a DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) service may be, you need to be sure they have a wide range of coverage areas.

The best services have coverage across several continents. Some even have global coverage that means you can play the game from anywhere in the world and have the best playing experience ever. The best services also allow you the flexibility of changing geographical locations at any point in time to be able to achieve low ping.

Quick and easy setup

One of the biggest utilities of the best servers that you want to enjoy no matter how cheap the server, is a quick and easy setup. There are servers that cause players a lot of troubles from the setup. As a player, you don’t want a complicated setup requirement. And this is what the best server hosting services offer.

Flexible upgrade/downgrade management

Doing an upgrade or a downgrade can be challenging. Many times, because of the sheer size of these exercises, it can be difficult for the PC to effect without any complications. Most gamers experience a high level of complications, especially stemming from low RAM availability. The best servers take care of this easily and allow your upgrades or downgrades to be as seamless and as easy as possible.

Reliable Mods installation and support

Another important function of the best DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) services is that they offer reliable mods installation and support. This is very important because the best way to make the most of what the game offers is to take advantage of modifications. First of all, you want a server service that offers a considerably high number of modifications.

This includes allowing users to chose custom maps and install the ones they want. It allows players to enjoy the benefits of hyper customization, which makes the gameplay all the more fun.

The qualities and functionalities above are some of the most important you want in your server hosting service. It is important to not trade-off any of these functionalities for a cut-price service.

The aim of playing the game is to give yourself the best chance of winning and to also make sure you have the best time of your life playing. Ensuring that these functionalities and utilities are delivered is key to your satisfaction.

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Benefits Of Using DayZ Server Hosting Services

One way to know that the DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) service you are using is the best you can get is to know the benefits that come with using the service. There are a thousand and one server options for the DayZ game, but it is not all of them that have what it takes to give you the best solutions.

The question then is, how do you know the best server hosting service to use? First of all, you need a standalone server service. This would give you the benefit of customization and reliability. This is the first step to take to ensure you get a server hosting service that would give you all the benefits you need.

Once you have made the choice of a standalone server, it is then important to know those benefits that you can enjoy. These benefits are not what you get with every DayZ server hosting service. The following are some of them.

24 Hour Technical Support

There are thousands of gamers who spend thousands of dollars getting support for their gaming. This happens especially when the player is using a server service that is optimized for usability and functionality.

Such services usually require excessive technical support, which forces the players to spend a lot of money getting it. But if you have made the right choice of the server hosting service for the game, you can rest assured that you are going to enjoy technical service absolutely free of charge.

This technical support includes all technical areas including installation, configuration, modifications, upgrades and downgrades, and several others. And this support is available 24 hours of every day.

Free Trial

Another important benefit you enjoy when you opt for the best DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) service is a free trial. Whenever you want to buy a service and you are offered a free trial, you can have a measure of confidence in the service.

It is the same with the best providers. They offer players free trial for a period so they can see whether the server hosting service is right for them. This free trial is with access to the full-service scale offered by the provider.

Daily Backups

Another key benefit of using the best hosting service for DayZ is their free daily backups. This is critical because it enables you to maintain full control over your gameplay and you never lose your data. Their backup system is automatically controlled, so players can rest assured that they are safe and secure at every point in time.

The biggest catch is that payers enjoy this fully automated backup utility without having to pay any extra charges for it. Many server services charge separately for this and tag it as premium service.

Denial Of Service Protection

Denial of service is a major challenge that many players have faced. It can be frustrating when a player falls victim to this problem. This is the reason why the smartest players always lookout for this in the server hosting services they buy.

Many providers offer this also as a premium service, but the best providers offer it free of charge and without any strings attached. They just love gaming and have developed the perfect server ecosystem for game lovers.

Easily Switch Game Hosting

When you are buying a DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server), one of the most important functionalities to look out for is the flexibility that the server service offers players. The best hosting services allow players who want to play another game apart from DayZ to easily and quickly switch their hosting to other games.

This is done at no additional costs and without any attendant complications. This gives players a high level of freedom and value for money. They can, as it were, kill two birds with one stone.

Additional Features for Perfect DayZ hosting

This article has touched on several functionalities, qualities and features of the best server hosting services.

It is important to know that there are certain features of the service that do not have a direct impact on the gameplay but that are important support features that make life easier for the player. This is the reason why it is important to know those features so you know what to expect when you do get the best services. Below are some of those features.

Generous refund policy

The best providers incorporate a full refund policy in their terms and conditions that are not just favorable for the player but that is also very generous. While the promise of a refund is one way to pull players in, many of the providers don’t hold up their end of the bargain if a player requests for it.

But the most reliable providers of the best server hosting services for DayZ know the value of holding up their end of the bargain. They offer a full refund to players who are not satisfied with what they offer.

A platform for community sharing

Nothing is more encouraging than having access to a community of other players who share the same goals with you in the game. This is especially beneficial for DayZ because the gameplay is such that players can even collaborate to survive in the game. This also encourages collaboration and sharing ideas while off the game.

The best server hosting service providers create a platform where every player can share their experiences and get support when they need it. One way they do this is to create chatrooms and messaging functionalities in their game.

Free FTP access

One other benefit that players enjoy when they use the best DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) available is access to free web and FTP. This is good especially for players who do a lot of modifications as the free file transfer protocol enables them to easily get this done.

Many times, when you see a service that offers the best modification services, you can rest assured that they enable free web and FTP access.

Unlimited storage

Storage is one of the most traded things on servers. For many server services, players have to pay extra money to get additional storage space. They do this deliberately knowing full well that most games nowadays require very large storage space.

They cap their in-package storage such that players would have to pay for additional storage space. But the best service providers are different. Their goal is to give their users the best server experience and so they allow them to enjoy free unlimited storage space. When you use their services, you enjoy unrestricted use of disk space and you can make unlimited modifications.

Players need to find the best DayZ server hosting services. This is because when they do, they can focus more on their gameplay and their gameplan in it rather than spending most of their time putting out unnecessary fires. This is the reason why players must do their homework well and ask the critical survival question; “what’s in it for me?” before they make their choice of the DayZ hosting service to go for.

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Server Management Issues To Avoid When Choosing A Server Hosting Provider

Server management is a big deal when you buy or rent server space for gaming purposes. Whether the game you play is DayZ or any other multiplayer online survival games, the most critical element that determines how successful you can be as a player is top quality server management.

This is where it can quickly become tricky. There are several server services that, while they are great and perfect for meeting the needs of gamers, yet they are quite complicated to manage. As a matter of fact, there are certain such servers that require you to have some knowledge of coding to be able to get the best of it.

As a gamer, what you want to be focused on is actually playing. You don’t want to get caught in a situation where you are spending more time managing your server than you are playing. This is the reason why you need to know the common server issues and how to avoid them. The following are some of the most common server problems that players encounter.

Game map loads slowly

The best DayZ server hosting (Rent a DayZ server) services to use is one that ensures you don’t have to face the challenge of poor game loading. One way this happens is when the game map loads slowly. This can cause a lot of problems while playing because, when that happens, the map becomes misleading.

This makes your gameplay frustrating and highly limited. The solution to this problem is to make sure you have a very fast server connection, ample space and low ping brought about by a wide geographical coverage area for providers.

Complicated control panel

One thing no player wants is a complicated control panel. However, this is more common than expected. Most server services, while they may be great, are highly limited when it comes to usability and user experience. Many players have a hard time figuring out the possibilities and the functionalities the server service they use affords them.

Some players even go their entire lifetime on the server without enjoying certain benefits they should be enjoying because they don’t even know they can in the first place. Some have a hard time getting things done because of a complicated control panel. The best platforms offer the most user-friendly and the most usable control panels available.

Limited connectivity

Another huge challenge that many servers pose is limited connectivity. Usually, gaming servers including the best DayZ server hosting services offer multiple connections where other players of the game can connect to a players server. However, certain problematic servers make this difficult and even impossible to achieve.

Learn more about DayZ

DayZ is one of the biggest hits in the survival game genre. The game, fully released to PC in 2018 and to console in 2019, has taken the gaming world by storm.

Set in the fictitious post-soviet republic of Chernarus, the game is about survival; staying alive, staying healthy and finding food. The player has to battle the infected who are violent and want to kill and may also have to cooperate with other players to find survival.

Overall, the game is one of the toughest and most challenging survival games in recent times. The game is categorized as a first-person shooter, third-person shooter and survival multiplayer game. This means that players require custom standalone servers to effectively get the best of the game.

Starting your own server

In conclusion, if you are looking to rent a DayZ server on the internet, doing your due diligence is a must. The smartest players know that the quality of their gaming experience depends on the quality of the standalone server service they use.

They take their time to ensure they get the best service that would not just give them what they need, but that would go over the top to give them more functionalities that would have a very positive impact on their gameplay and the quality of their experience.