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When you want to host your game server on the platform that will offer you peace of mind without lagging, slow, and other issues associated with shared hosting, you should consider going for the VPS hosting.

But, what is VPS? VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. It is the type of server hosting used by those operating websites moderate in size and traffic. Those managing e-commerce, businesses, and other websites expected to attract high traffic can make use of this hosting service.

The flexibility and power of Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be considered as the reason it is preferable over a shared server. Beginners to Minecraft and other video games that require the server may not require the VPS server due to the low participation of gamers on their server.

VPS hosting for game server

If you have been in the gaming world for long, and have acquired a large number of gamers, a VPS will be the right option. You will get what you need to enjoy the unhindered gaming experience as you go for the VPS game hosting on our platform.

No need to worry about the right hosting company to hire for this service, as PEDataCenter is ready to make everything easier for you today.

Things you should know about VPS Hosting for Game Servers

The truth is that VPS server hosting is considerably expensive due to a lot of added resources in it. The increase in the resources, complete control, flexibility, and enormous power associated with the VPS are the contributing factors to its high in price.

So, if you are not ready to spend a little extra from what you used to spend on shared hosting, you may forget about going for the VPS hosting.

The cost of VPS hosting depends on the hosting company you contacted. Though Virtual Private Server is considerably expensive, the cost is not to be compared to the dedicated server hosting. We at PEDataCenter are ready to ensure the lowest price possible for all our hosting services.

That is what made it necessary that you go on and take advantage of the opportunity we provide today without wasting time. Several factors play a role in determines the price to expect when you Rent a VPS game server.

Your required features and customization can contribute to making the price of your hosting higher than normal. So, before talking about changing your hosting plan from shared to VPS, you should consider spending from $20 to $100 monthly.

Know that the configuration of a VPS differs from one customer to another, which is the reason for the difference in the pricing.

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How to choose the best VPS provider for your needs

When you search the internet for a VPS server hosting provider, you will find a lot of names. Most of the names provided among the top list are not necessarily the best hosting company, as some of them only get there through their intensified marketing strategies.

With this, you may wonder how one can finds the best VPS game hosting company on the internet. If that is your worry, there is nothing to worry about, as are here to open your eyes to reality.

Many hosting companies claim to be the best, but you can only know the right one for your hosting needs when you confirm some essential factors. Some of the things to consider before selecting any hosting company on the internet include:

  • The overall server uptime
  • Server performance
  • Experience of old gamers using the server
  • Support and help provided
  • Pricing
  • Server hosting features.

By considering these factors it will be easier for you to identify the right hosting service provider that will enhance your chances of getting best quality service for your VPS game.

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The benefits of VPS game hosting

Have you ever wondered why you should move from shared hosting to VPS hosting? Do you want to find out the reason most professional video gamers normally upgrade their server to VPS server?

There is no need to worry as we have the right answer to your question. There are many benefits associated with VPS hosting over shared hosting. Majority of gamers that want to allow the member of their game server to enjoy more gaming resources usually upgrade their server hosting to VPS.

PEDataCenter often advises gamers to enhance their hosting needs to get the level of satisfaction they desired. Some of the reasons you should go on and take advantage of our VPS game hosting on the internet include:

Guaranteed server stability

If you have used a shared game hosting plan, you will discover how unstable the server can be. Most time, your gaming operations and activities will be negatively affected when you use a shared hosting plan. But, that is not the same when you upgrade to a VPS hosting plan, which is known to be more stable compared to a shared hosting plan.

Satisfactory Performance

One of the things V PS hosting plan do to customers is that it gives to allot some essential resources to them. These are the game server resources that allow users to enjoy lightening speed load times. Those that go for the VPS hosting do not worry about an adverse effect on their gaming operation.

Higher server resources

Obviously, you will not worry about the limited disk space associated with the shared server plan when you go for the VPS plan. The Virtual Private Server hosting plan allows gamers to access some dedicated resources such as CPU, disk space, and RAM.

Why We’re The #1 VPS Choice for Gamers

When you want to choose a hosting service provider for your game, you need to consider a lot of factors. The need for your website and gamers are to be put into consideration when you want to select a hosting platform.

Everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience will be made available for you on the reliable hosting platform. There are also some standard features provided by PEDataCenter that made them the best among other VPS game server hosting companies on the internet.

Some of the reasons you should contact us for your VPS game hosting include:

We give you access to the root server

We know that most of our customers are technically inclined, and will like to do some things on their own. That is why we provide them with easy access to the root server. More so, by giving our customers root access, they can enjoy customization and flexibility on their server.

More so, with your access to the root server, you can carry out some actives without having to contact support. Installation of extra software to your server is among the things you will enjoy when you hire us.

99.99% uptime guaranteed

We know that people go for VPS hosting plan when they want to enjoy flexibility, better performance, more uptime, and reliability. That is why we offer a server with 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

Gain access to our unlimited bandwidth

The bandwidth is expected to be high in VPS hosting plan, and we respect that for all customers. With the unlimited VPS, game servers bandwidth, your server will load within two seconds.

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Go for hosting with intuitive help and support service

Interestingly, you need a hosting company ready to offer intuitive support to its customers. That is among the things that made us the number one hosting company to consider. We have qualified, trained, tested, trusted support team capable of meeting your needs at any given time.

These are the reliable support team that will be there to attend to your queries and provide answers as quickly as possible. So, you should consider contacting the hosting service provide ready to offer 24/7 excellent customer support service for your VPS game hosting today.

Consider uptime in your bid to select hosting server

When you want to buy a game hosting plan, one of the things you should find out is the uptime of the server. But what is uptime? It is the time in hours a computer server where your game is hosted is up and running.

The word uptime is the opposite of downtime, which is the number of hours the computer server is not working. Virtually every server has specific uptime and downtime.

So, do not allow anyone to deceive you that their server hosting comes with 100% uptime. PEDataCenter does not promise anyone 100% uptime, rather guarantees you 99.99% uptime when you host your game on our computer server.

The uptime of your preferred game server should always be considered before making payment. Our customers are already testifying to the round the clock availability of their server after hosting their VPS game with us. So, you should consider us as your number one choice for renting a VPS game server.

Root access of the VPS hosting

Adding to the Uptime and Bandwidth, another important factor to consider when you want to select a game server hosting service provider is the root access. However, you cannot ask for roof access to the computer server or control panel when you are not technically able to handle it.

If you are sure of your technical knowledge, it is necessary to insist on using the service of the VPS hosting platform that offers easy root access for your VPS hosting. By gaining access to the roof server, you will stand a chance of modifying or configuring your game the way you desire. Also, you will be able to do it when you want and how you want it to be done without the need to involve a support team.

We are ready to give all our gamers root access to their server the moment they opted for VPS hosting service. There is also an opportunity to rent a VPS game server from our company if you are not able to pay the full cost of subscribing to the server.

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What is the need for VPS game hosting?

Possibly you have been wondering why you need the VPS hosting plan without knowing the need for it. The Virtual Private Server is designed to help gamers enhance their fun and entertainment. If you are looking to have a large number of gamers on your Minecraft server, it is best to go for the VPS hosting plan.

The server hosting is created with enhanced flexibility, higher bandwidth, increased uptime and assured reliability. The exciting thing about our server hosting service and VPS game renting service is that they come at an affordable rate. That is what made it necessary that you go on and take advantage of the opportunity presented before you today.

Additional Information

With the information provided in this article, you can understand more reasons you should insist on getting a VPS hosting service. Also, you can now know the factors to consider when you want to select a hosting provider for VPS game hosting.

The majority of the hosting companies do not pay attention to the speed and performance of their server, which is the reason we are the best in the service. Check through PEDataCenter to understand more about the easiest ways to go about your game hosting service without spending a lot of money.

We are ready to offer you an efficient hosting service at an affordable rate, which made us the best company for your hosting needs. Adding to our quality hosting service, we also offer excellent customer support service to all our customers.

You will not get confused about configuring your server, as our trained, experienced, and trusted support team is always available to meet your needs. Go on and check our official site to understand more about our VPS game hosting service.