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Rent A Minecraft Server from $5/Month

Let Minecraft unleash your creative and experimental side by hosting your server with the PEDataCenter. Minecraft offers something other games do not offer, which is the reason it is desired by a large number of gamers across the globe. You can only enjoy the game by hosting it on a reliable server with assured improved features.

The high performance Minecraft server hosting we offer is what you need to be sure of satisfaction in your gaming without any form of boredom. It takes a hosting company that understands the significance of Minecraft to offer the best hosting service you will be glad to enjoy. That is why you need our Minecraft server hosting to ensure a high level of satisfaction in your gaming.

There are experiences, emotions, and feelings Minecraft invokes in the mind of gamers across the world. That is what we are out to make possible throughout the hosting service. You can go ahead and rent a Minecraft server to give you the satisfaction you always desired.


Having dedicated our time and expertise in creating the required atmosphere and environment for Minecraft, every gamer has the chance to enjoy the full potential and glory of this excellent game.

To rent a Minecraft server, all you need is a click of a mouse and to follow some simple processes. That is what you need to discover the best way to enjoy assured satisfaction without any form of boredom in the process. To learn more about game server host or Minecraft server rental, continue reading.

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Types of Minecraft servers you can host with us

You will discover the best way to make your gaming more entertaining as you take advantage of the Minecraft server types provided by our professional team. More so, it is necessary to take note of the Minecraft server types before going ahead to talk about hosting your game with any company.

Since you can’t rent or buy the entire Minecraft server, knowing the right types for you is necessary. To choose the best type for you, you should find out the features of each of them. That is why we have decided to explain some types of Minecraft servers for you to choose the best for your gaming entertainment.

Some available types of Minecraft game modes you can host with us:

Faction and challenge

Create a faction server to challenge others in the game. Oppose the faction, fight them, and collect their spoil. The challenge mod gives you an opportunity to facing challenges to be rewarded.


The work of players in this game is not to compete with other players but to survive the adverse condition. Therefore, you will not have to worry about other things. More so, you are not to attack other players, as your job is to work hard for your survival till the end of the game.

Faction server


If you have the test of offline Minecraft, you can try out the PvE servers, which is similar to it. The server allows players to engage in playing with multiple players, unlike the offline server option.


The aim of this game is for you to play the role of the character of your choice. Here you can play as a blacksmith, air force, and more.


Showcase your creativity in the gaming world through this Minecraft game server. It is the mods that allow everyone to enjoy unrestricted building blocks.


The hardcore game mode allows players to engage in stealing and grieving. Your work here is both to fight and to ensure perfect protection of your available equipment. The essence of the hardcore game mode is to test your skills and creativity.


Rank up your score as you play as a prisoner, thinking of the best way to get out of the prison. Ranking high fast will be possible when you earn money. Also, you may be set free from prison as you rank higher.

We’ve written an extensive guide on how to make your own Prison server, don’t miss out.

Economy, City, Feed the Beast and Hunger Games

Take your time to explore all the minecraft server types to know the one that will meet your gaming needs.

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The Best Minecraft Server Hosting

If you have desired to get the best minecraft server hosting, you have come to the right place, as we are ready to ensure premium quality server hosting to everyone. Game hosting comes with a lot of requirements, which is the reason most people are not able to get it rightly.

Minecraft server hosting from the world-renowned hosting company will allow you to enjoy many hours of gaming without boredom. Hosting your game server on the reliable site will allow you to add the game you want and also enhance the game functions and performance through the addition of mods and adds-on.

Premium quality hosting comes with high performance and enhanced functions. More so, the hosting comes at the cheapest rate for a monthly subscription. More so, you are going to be sure of assured security and protection for your Minecraft gaming when you host your server on the world-renowned hosting platform.

Uptime is one thing you should not joke with as you compare various hosting companies to pick the one that will meet your needs. The moment you complete your payment for server hosting, you will quality hosting service that comes with 99.99% uptime.

You will continue to enjoy your server hosting from the world-renowned platform, and be sure of round the clock customer support service. You can enjoy this game on your Xbox One console, PS4, or PC, depending on your needs.

Minecraft hosting rental by PEDataCenter

Enjoy our affordable Minecraft hosting

While you compare various game server hosting platforms on the internet, one of the criteria to put into consideration is the price. You need to take your time to explore the cost of the server hosting from different hosting companies to know the one that will offer a great deal.

No one wants to spend a lot of money on frivolities, which is why most people usually search online for the best hosting company that can offer them the cheapest Minecraft server hosting service. If you are among those searching for the cheap Minecraft hosting service, you are not to search further as PEDataCenter is out to give you the level of satisfaction you have always desired.

The company has the best hosting team that knows the best way to handle their job. Also, they are doing their best to make sure their customers’ needs are met without taking a lot of time. That is what made them the best company for your hosting needs today.

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The Minecraft servers offered here comes with mod support, and only cost as low as $4.90 monthly. We are ready to offer oodles of customization and mods to enhance the tweaks your Minecraft with ease. Tweaking the creativity of your service is totally in your control, there are some features you need to make that possible

Some of these features you should know include:

  • Easy add-ons and mods like CraftTweaker, PetBlocks, and more
  • 4 to 500 Slots
  • DDoS protection.

Why We’re The #1 Choice for Minecraft Server Hosting

Video game lovers across the globe have realized the need for them to embrace Minecraft game due to its enhanced features and flexibility. If you are among the fans of Minecraft faction servers, we are ready to satisfy your needs without wasting time.

The most interesting thing about our server hosting is that it comes at the lowest possible price. That made it necessary that you go ahead and take advantage of the service we render without wasting another minute.

More so, we always ensure zero-waiting time for server hosting, giving every one of our clients what it takes to enjoy the level of satisfaction they have always desired. You can find out more about the quality service provided by our team of professional game server hosting experts by reading through the testimonials of other gamers on our platform.

It is what you need to make sure that you enjoy effortless server hosting to add the number of players you desired without slowing down your game server. Excellent customer support is another reason you should endeavor to connect to us for your game server hosting, as we are ready to make sure that you get quality assured satisfactory support always.

Awesome performance and great speed are assured to all gamers making use of our server hosting service for their Minecraft game hosting.

Security and DDOS protection

Security, protection, and safety are among the things you need to make your Minecraft server hosting more entertaining and peaceful. To enjoy peace of mind in your server hosting, you must go for the hosting site that offers enhanced security features.

That is what made us the best in the game server hosting choice for Minecraft gamers. You stand a chance of getting some improved features as you host your game server through our hosting packages. Security Protection and DDoS are among the things you stand to enjoy as you host your MC server with us.

At PEDataCenter, your security is our prime focus. Renting Minecraft servers that can increase your vulnerability to several security threats is in no way a joke. The problem gets worse when the recommended security protocols are not present in checking the threats.

DDoS server protection

We understand all these and ready to offer our Minecraft server hosting with assured protection. Although DDoS threats in most cases are considered minor, as they normally cause minor issues, some of them can cause serious security issues in a server.

Some of the things we protect you of:

  • Malware infections
  • Data breaches
  • Viruses
  • Spyware

Our Minecraft server hosting services are secured with oodles of DDoS protection measures that will assure high uptime for your game without inconveniences. The security measures used in the server hosting are the auto security processes, and manual detections all to make sure maximum game server uptime.

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High-performance servers

Processor speed is necessary when it comes to ensuring premium server game hosting. That is why we always ensure that we maintain high-grade hardware capable of providing more efficient and better performance. The configuration of our server processor ensures hassle-free and smooth execution of game hosting.

One of the problems most server hosting companies usually have is the wrong configuration of their hosting processors. The wrong configuration in the process can cause a lot of problems in MC game hosting.

Your required Minecraft gaming experience will be assured when you take advantage of our perfectly configured server hosting processor. Take advantage of the opportunity provided for your server hosting, and you will find out why you should take advantage of our Minecraft server hosting.

One more thing you should know about our servers is that it is created to enhanced customization to everyone on the platform. Your processor speed has little to do in boosting your game experience as our server has everything need to make even a poor processor speed.

You will be assigned with the required hardware to meet your needs when you sign up on our account. Also, the processors are of different speeds, and you can always select the one that will meet your needs in terms of hosting requirements. The reason for these things is to make sure that gamers get customized CPU speed for their Minecraft hosting.

24/7 customer support

There is nothing as exciting as knowing that you have an expert ready to support you when you get confused in your game hosting. Among other dynamic features associated with our server-hosting service is excellent customer support.

With our MC servers, technical assistance and support are among the top priority, and they are easily accessible on our platform 24/7. Customers that have benefited from our service can tell the level of satisfaction they have enjoyed with us. So, you can be the next to enjoy the quality service we provided today as you allow us to handle your Minecraft game hosting.

No matter the things that are of concern to you, we are ready to address it immediately without wasting time in the process. That is what made it necessary that you go ahead and benefit from what we have to offer today.

Clients of our Minecraft hosting services are least satisfied in this area when they work with some other hosting companies out there. That is why we are ready to intensify our effort to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the service we provide.

Worldwide Minecraft server hosting locations

One of the things that show a reliable game server hosting company is the number of locations covered in their service. Also, the particular location of the services in every country matters, which is the reason we choose to use strategic locations of any city, state, or country we have selected.

Our servers are placed all over the world in strategic locations to ensure total coverage. More so, our multiple data centers cater to your server’s needs. So, you do not have to worry about your performance and speed due to location. We will ensure that your servers are hosted as well as configured to viable and closest viable centers. So, you have an opportunity to benefit more from the hosting service that will make your game the best for entertainment.

Faster speed & performance

With our minecraft server hosting (rent a minecraft server), you will enjoy hosting experience without interruption or compromise in speed and performance. No more will you have to worry about server lagging when you go for the things we have to offer here.

Gamers in the Tier 1 region or country will stand a chance of enjoying better performance for their game. That is one of the reasons you should go ahead and take advantage of the opportunities we are ready to provide without wasting another minute.

Instant server setup (play & play)

The structure of our hosting service contributed to the reason why many gamers are coming around for their serer host on our platform. We have enhanced convenience and easy ways to host a Minecraft server within the shortest time.

You only need a few minutes to get your server up and functioning with lightning speed when you allow us to host for you. To make sure that you do not pass through stress to get your Minecraft server up and running, we have automated most of the hosting processes.

More so, we make sure that the entire hosting processes are supervised from start to finish. Therefore, you do not have to delay in hosting your game when you connect to us for the service we provide.

We always ensure that your game is activated as quickly as possible after confirming your payment. In that regard, there is nothing like an extended period for you to wait before getting the account activated.

We ensure zero waiting time for all our clients, which is the reason you should go on and take advantage of the opportunity provided in our server hosting service here.

Easy-to-operate control panel & dashboard

When you want to host your Minecraft game server, one important thing you should not forget to consider is the difficulty in operating the control panel. Most hosting companies normally pay attention to their server performance and speed, without doing anything about the difficulty their client face to access or operate their control panels.

But, we are tech professionals trained to handle all forms of game server hosting impeccably. We do everything within our capability to make sure you experience easy control panel operation at any given time. More so, our control panel comes with a range of controls and options for gamers.

The reason for this is to ensure that you have unlimited choices in your Minecraft game host needs. You will be sure of getting controversial controls, and novel features to expand the way you manage and monitor your game, as you allow us to give you the tech-enhanced hosting service we offer.

We always ensure that the controls and interface are designed with our gamer’s in mind. With that, you will operate your control and server efficiently. So, you do not have to worry about anything, whether you are experienced or new to the industry.

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Add your desired number of player slots

Different gamers have different reasons why they choose a particular hosting platform for their games. Some normally choose performance over speed, while some pay more attention to customer support and speed over performance.

We are ready to ensure you get all the possible options you desired without issue. We have decided to provide you with an opportunity to make a difference in your Minecraft game server hosting.

At PEDataCenter, we are ready to ensure you enjoy the entertaining 3D multiplayer features associated with the Minecraft game, which made it the best among other hosting sites out there. One more thing about our hosting service is that it is designed to allow gamers to add their desired number of players to their server.

Although we still restrict the number of players you can add to your Minecraft, the accepted number is still large. One more thing you should know about Minecraft is that it is all about exploration and creativity. To make the game more interesting, you need more people on your server.

We offer Minecraft a virtualized server that can be of help to you always. That is why you should go ahead and invite your entire friends to your Minecraft server.

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Be in full control of your server

When you host your Minecraft game server here, you will be in full control of the server. The server will completely belong to you, and the game will be yours, which means you will be the one to set the rules of what happens in the game.

As you manage the server yourself and become the only administrator, everything that happens in the game will be detected by you. In that regard, it is within your capacity to permit or deny access to anyone to the server.

More so, you can deny the roles you are not ready to take and determine the spawn rate of the game. Some other things you can control as you take advantage of our hosting service include:

  • Number of players to join your server
  • The textures and scripts
  • Mods to add

You will be allowed to take your Minecraft gaming to another level with the help of the tech-improved hosting service provided by the renowned team.

You now have an opportunity to create your desired Minecraft game, share the game server on the social media and other platforms online, and invite your friends and other people to join in growing your player base.

Easily monitor players when they play on your server

One nice thing you should know about Minecraft game is that it is loved by both young and old. Children and adults are always looking for the best way to make their game better and more enjoyable. That is why we give everyone access to easy game mods installation.

Minecraft is popular with kids as well as they equally love to challenge themselves with the role-playing mods. Rending your Minecraft server can make it easy for you to teach your children about the server administration when they are still young. With that, you will master the basic Linux administration as well as the server setup.

One more thing you should know about the minecraft server hosting (rent a minecraft server) provided by our professional team is that it allows users to get parental control. So, you have the opportunity to monitor the things your kids do in your Minecraft server at any given time. So, you can watch the things they do, such as their activities and more.

More so, you can also decide the role to play in the game without passing through stress as you take advantage of the opportunity presented before you today. You stand to enjoy quite a lot of gaming benefits as you take advantage of the hosting service we have to offer.

Adding to other amazing benefits associated with this Minecraft service hosting, we also ensure our price is competitive. With the ability to be in control of your game, you now have an opportunity to create your desired Minecraft world.

Install custom modpacks & textures on your Minecraft server

Many factors can contribute to your Minecraft gaming experience. Our company is ready to allow you to enjoy the highest level of satisfaction with Minecraft server hosting.

We provide gamers with the experience they desire to enjoy through gaming. That is why you should go on and connect to us today without wasting another minute. It may also interest you to know that we give our gamers access to all types of their desired modpacks.

The ability to support new ideas as well as innovative tweaks is among the things that made Minecraft the best among other games. Base on your inclinations and preferences, you can cause Minecraft to grow or evolve. To make that possible, we have provided the best server types, and mod-packs supported by Minecraft.

Some of the things you can do with the Minecraft server hosting service provided by our team include:

  • Modify settings
  • Add new features
  • Install modpacks
  • Add unique characteristics and textures
  • Enhance admin actions.

These are to show that you have complete control over your Minecraft gaming when you utilize our hosting service. We do everything possible to make sure that you do not miss anything required to make your Minecraft gaming experience entertaining and satisfying.

Therefore, you should go on and take advantage of the opportunity presented to you here to enjoy unforgettable Minecraft server hosting on the internet.

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Install your desired mods on your Minecraft server

Are you looking for the best way to enhance your chances of enjoying Minecraft game more than you have done in the past? Do you want to experience unrestricted Minecraft gaming, but do not know the right hosting company to choose?

No need to worry as you have come to the right online platform where your needs will be met. You will now discover the smartest ways to host your game and create a community of gamers that can make your game more entertaining and satisfying.

We will allow you to run your Minecraft server, which will allow you to install your desired mods. More so, you have an opportunity to choose the specific modification to your game as you follow us with the things we offer.

With the available range of game modifications, you can now test the mods of your choice in your selected environment. Modification of Minecraft game to your desired form is easy with the things offered on our platform.

More so, you can choose the custom mods to enhance your gameplay, support better administration, rules, and create some trendy objects.

Construct a Minecraft community with your server

Build the community of gamers with the best Minecraft server hosting service provided on our platform. We are sure to allow you to enjoy the level of satisfaction you have desired in the multiplayer 3D game as you allow us to help you in hosting the game.

You have the opportunity to construct your Minecraft community, and grow the community the way you desire. Adding to the fact that you will allow your friends to join the platform, you will also add enthusiast gamers and fans. Take your time to build your Minecraft community the way you have desired, and you will be glad that you did.

Building your community is easy, as our hosting service allows the gamer to add as many players as desired. You have an opportunity to grow an existing Minecraft server or create yours for others to join. You are the only one that can restrict yourself to what is provided for you on this platform.

The high performing Minecraft game server hosting service provided by our team of experts is what you need to enjoy a high level of gaming entertainment always. More so, hosting the game with us does not cost a lot of money, which is the reason why we remain the best server hosting company.

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Join us now to enjoy the satisfaction of starting your own Minecraft server

If you have been playing video games recently, you supposed to have heard about Minecraft. It is part of Minecraft that has grown to become timeless and enjoyable games you will always desire to enjoy. You will enjoy some expansive, vibrant, and exciting games that will always meet your needs with ease.

One more thing you should know about is that it allows players to enjoy unlimited game fun. Through Minecraft, you will be provided a time to sharpen your creativity, time, focus, and work. With these things, you can discover that the game is not to be hosted on a low-performing server.

To get a server with assured performance and speed as well as excellent customer support in your Minecraft server hosting, you should connect to us. You can forget about your sorrows while you play Minecraft game with the server hosted on a reliable online platform.

To avoid interruption in your Minecraft gaming, you need backup hardware. You can also rent a Minecraft server with us to be sure of satisfaction and unforgettable gaming entertainment.

That is why you should go on and take advantage of the opportunity presented to you here to experience the highest level of satisfaction through the game.

Rent your own server and get started today

You have what it takes to enjoy Minecraft gaming entertainment as you take advantage of our hosting service. It is the hosting service created to enhance your entertainment and allow you to enjoy the server type of your choice.

Cost efficiency is assured to all those coming to our platform for their Minecraft server hosting. More so, you will be allowed to install the game mods of your choice, from our mod packs offered on our platform. Setting up and configuration of the Minecraft server is easy, and you do not have to be tech expert to know the best way to get it done as we’ll handle it for you.