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TeamSpeak 3 voice server hosting

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One of the things you need to provide for your clan or guild is a smooth communication channel. You need to create a communication tool that will make it easy for your group members to discuss when the need be.

Part of the excitements associated with gaming online is being able to talk to your opponent and team members. You can threaten your opponent or share a secret with your group through a well-established communication channel.

Whether you are going for Minecraft, FiveM or RUST, you need to establish good communication between your team members. Hosting your own TeamSpeak voice server will give you the responsibility of providing for players on your server.


We at PEDataCenter are can host your TeamSpeak server to perform optimally. You will also find out the best way to continue to share vital information among your clan members when you take advantage of our TeamSpeak Hosting service.

TeamSpeak hosting and what you should know

Are you ready to make your gaming group member speak with one voice? Do you want to enhance the chances of your video game group to dominate the entire gaming world?

If these are your needs, the best way to get it is by providing your group with a communication tool. TeamSpeak is the tool that will enable you to discuss with your team or clan in real-time.

Hosting this communication team in your server is easy when you let us handle the service. With our years of experience in game hosting, we have been able to understand the best way to allow gamers to enjoy a high level of satisfaction through instant hosting service.

Another thing you should know is that we are ready to provide you with the best add-ons for the TeamSpeak. Join among those that will get this communication tool hosted on their gamer server to enjoy smooth communication among your fellow gamer.

Things you should know about Our TeamSpeak Hosting service

We are ready to provide you with the TeamSpeak App that will make your communication with the group smooth and simple. Also, there is a web option for you to access the tool for your gaming satisfaction.

To make use of the TeamSpeak app, you should click on the download button provided. Also, you can sign up for an account to enjoy TeamSpeak with your team. Since the TeamSpeak is made for communication among gamers, you must confirm the number of users that can be allowed on one account.

Finding out about this before going for the TeamSpeak Hosting will save you from making mistakes. Also, it will allow you to understand more reasons you should go for this hosting service today without wasting another minute.

The moment your payment is verified, your server will be available instantly. So, if you want your TeamSpeak to start functioning without wasting time, you should make a payment without delay.

What’s TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is a special communication tool used by video gamers online. The essence of this communication tool is to enhance the fun and delight gamers enjoy, as they discuss among themselves in the real-term. You will now discover the best way to converse with your team members without issues as you host your TeamSpeak on our trusted data center online platform.

We are ready to allow you to enjoy our free version, which lasts for 30 days before demanding for you to subscribe to the premium. Our TeamSpeak hosting is created with assured reliability and satisfaction among gamers. So, you will find out the best way to make your gaming more entertaining as you take advantage of the communication tool provided on the internet by the out renowned team.

More so, PEDataCenter is dedicated to service and will make sure that you get the level of satisfaction you have always desired. We have excellent customer support services in place to meet the needs of every customer.

Another thing you should know is that we refund customers that are not satisfied with our hosting service. These and more are reasons you should consider coming for our TeamSpeak hosting service today without wasting additional minute today.

TeamSpeak Hosting Features

There are quite a lot of features associated with our TeamSpeak hosting service that made it the best on the internet today. Adding to the instant hosting service provided to customers after confirmation of payment, we also offer an automatic AFK system to all our customers.

Our decision to move the inactive user of your server is to clear space for new users to join and enjoy what the platform is made to offer. But, do not be afraid of removing some of your friends from the server for not being active on the site, as you only remove them to a specifically designed channel.

Some other features associated with our hosting service you should know include:

  • Large file space provided: We are doing our best to make sure that gamers do not get limited to the number of people that can join their TeamSpeak server. With assured 25 users, you can discover the excitement you will enjoy through the game. We provide gamers with 5GB file space to share with their friends right in their server.
  • Get a custom hostname for your Server: We know that most people will like to be identified by their TeamSpeak server. That is why you have provided an opportunity for custom hostname right on our official site.
  • Server restore and snapshot: Our hosting server offers quality and restores service to all users. So, you can backup your data and restore server info and setting at any given time.
  • Restore group permission: If you made a mistake by any means, we are ready to help you find a solution quickly. We have provided a restore option to take you back to the earlier time of your server.

Global Hosting locations

No matter where you are in the world, our TeamSpeak hosting ( Rent a TeamSpeak server) is made for you. Our hosting service is designed to meet the needs of everyone irrespective of the location in the world. To meet up with this promise, we have strategized our server locations globally. Some of the places you can find our TeamSpeak server include:

  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Cape Town, SA
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Seattle, Washington, USA
  • San Jose California, USA
  • Singapore
  • Frankfurt, DE
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Madrid, Spain
  • London, UK
  • Milan, Italy.

Our servers are located across the globe to give every video game player to enjoy the amazing gaming experience. Discover more ways to take advantage of the video gaming experience provided on our online hosting platform, and you will be glad that you did.

One more thing about our hosting service is that it is designed with the needs of gamers guaranteed. These and more are why you need PEDataCenter when you want to enjoy efficient TeamSpeak Hosting (Rent a TeamSpeak server) on the internet.

The reasons you need our teamspeak hosting service

Possibly, you are asking why you should contact PEDataCenter expert for TeamSpeak hosting service; we are ready to help you out of this. We have the best game hosting experts in the world, which made it easy for us to cater to the needs of gamers without making them pay through their nose.

Some of the reasons you should go ahead and take advantage of our hosting service today include:

  • Dedicated TeamSpeak server control panel
  • Money back assured to everyone
  • Free movement from TeamSpeak, Ventrilo to Mumble hosting
  • Instant server setup for TeamSpeak
  • Satisfaction guaranteed to every gamer on our platform
  • Display of server status script on our official site

Additional Information

There is no better way to enjoy smooth gaming with your team except with Minecraft games. To be sure of knowing the mind of your group members, you need an effective communication tool, which is the reason we are ready to help you host TeamSpeak without wasting time. There are many hosting companies, promising to offer the best hosting service, but not all of them are reliable n their service.

Some of the hosting companies promising amazing service do not have a trained team that can render the service. These and more are the reasons we should consider contacting us for your hosting needs. More so, we have strategically located our game server worldwide, giving gamers what they need to host their TeamSpeak server without wasting time

Adding to this, we are ready to ensure you get your full refund should our server not satisfy your needs. These and more are what made our TeamSpeak server hosting the best you can get anywhere online.