External Links Policy

To make it easy for people to access information on the internet, Google usually requires website owners to allow an external link to their site. So, PEDataCenter now links to the external sites that offer relevant required information, and we do that at our discretion. These are the sites that most valuable and relevant information for our website and business.

While many websites offer information about server hosting and Minecraft, https://pedatacenter.com links only to the websites that provide the most relevant and useful content on the internet. That is why we can serve our clients better in all our services.

We have the right to change any of the external links on our site at any time. The changes usually become imperative when we find some sites with more relevant and useful content that attract our attention. The need for the external link is mainly to provide customers rich information that will be useful to them.

The discussions that come before any site will be included are primarily evaluated putting the customer’s needs first. Looking at it generally, none of the external sites do satisfy the purpose for PEDatacenter site when they have, propose, of inferring the following:

Propose or advocate any environmental, societal, controversial, and societal subjects, candidates, or issues.

  • Promoting or disparaging any class person or group of persons
  • The unsuitable external contents for viewers and readers of all the ages, or connects to or other forms of business promotions whose service or products are unsuitable for all age visitors
  • Inciting or promoting violent, illegal or undesirable social conduct
  • Availability or promotion of illegal substances, such as drugs
  • Availability or promotion or tobacco or alcoholic products
  • Availability or promotion of sexually or adult-oriented materials or materials
  • Opposition, availability or opposition of weapons
  • Opposition, availability, or promotion of gambling
  • Claims of suitability, desirability, efficacy, or any possible non-objective statements about products, services or business.
  • The sites with contents with any trademark infringement patent right or copy the content f other sites.
  • Representations or claims or violations of consumer protection or advertising laws.
  • The reasonable citizen content may probably be considered to maintain decorum and dignity appropriate for the government.

The list presented here is considered nonexclusive. The application of the external link policies is exclusively for the sites outside PEDataCenter online platform. The establishment of the webmaster procedures was to monitor the continuing oversight and implementation of the policy.

There are a lot of things included in these procedures, and some of them include the process involved in reviewing the entire new request for the external content links from our webpage to another webpage to trigger compliance with the policy before granting the request.

There is thorough evaluation of each of request for the link with the use of the guidelines below:

Is there relevant content on the webpage?

Does the website provide needed services or information that is not available already or connected to the “PeDataCenter”? If it is not, is the site quality bettor or comparable than the information already on the webpage?
Is the website designed well, accessible, and cross-browser compliant to those with disabilities?

We at “PeDataCenter” fully reserve the right without explanation and sole discretion to remove any external content at any time.