Privacy Policy

If privacy is your desire, we are out to make it possible. We at “PeDataCenter”, understand the need for people to enjoy online privacy when they are online. More so, we know how important it is for people to experience privacy when they are on our platform. So, when you conduct business on our platform, you will be sure of safety and confidentiality. The privacy policy on our site is available both for those that register an account without doing business and those out to do business here. So, when you visit PEDataCenter, you will benefit from our collective services as an Authorized customer.

“Information identifiable to a person”

Consider any information that can easily identify, locate, or contact a person the information can identify, such as the phone number, address, name financial profile, fax number, name, credit card, email address, info, and social security number. The information collected anonymously is not included among the Personal Identifiable Information (i.e. with no individual user identification) or connect with the demographic information to know the individual

Some of the Individual Identifiable Data we collect

There is some of the basic personal identification information we collect, including the Visitor’s basic profile information. More so, we do request the additional information from our Approved Customers, and some of the things we request are:

  • The names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses of Authorized Customers,
  • The nature and size of the business
  • The nature and size of the marketing record of the user
  • The organizations that collect the information

Adding to the aforementioned personal information, we have vendors who help to collect information from individual users. Some of these organizations include: Such as clearinghouses, credit card firms, and banks,. These organizations provide the services as follows: insurance, credit, and escrow services, which make it easy for them to collect personal information from our Authorized Customers. You must know that we are not in control of the way our third-party organizations use the information collected.

However, we do request for third-party companies to reveal the way the personal information collected from our Authorized Customers is used. More so, these are the intermediaries acting solely to distribute links in a chain, without intention to retain, use, or store the collected information from customers.

How the site uses the Individual Identifiable Information

The essence of our Individual Identifiable Info is to customize the site. It is what we also need to ensure suitable service offerings, as well as satisfy the buying and selling requests available on the site. We can notify our Authorized Customers and Visitors about selling opportunities, purchase, or research chances or provide related information on the Site. Also, we may contact Authorized Customers with the Personally Identifiable Information while responding to the specific inquiries, or make information available.

Who will my information be shared with?

There are possibilities for us to share Individual Identifiable Information about a particular Authorized Customers with another Authorized Customer that decided to appraise potential transactions using other Authorized Customers. Some aggregated info about our Authorized Customers and Visitors may be shared, such as Authorized Customer’s and Visitor’s demographic information with the partnered organizations and vendors. We also reserve the chances to sign out from getting regular notification or contact by an agency acting in our place. 

How is the Members confidential information shared?

All the pieces of confidential information collected by our team at PEDataCenter are stored securely. The information collected cannot be accessed by third-party agencies.

What are the available choices of collection, use and distribution available for Visitors?

The Authorized Customers and Visitors have the right to sign out of getting unsolicited notifications from us or being contacted by our agency. You can reach us via email or simply checking our physical office at 4702 Ash Street, Dallas, Texas, 75201.

Do You Use Cookies On Your Site?

There are many reasons people use Cookies on their site. But, we at “PeDataCenter” use the cookies to extract useful information regarding the customer preferences on any of our services selected. Another reason we use Cookies is for security, as they help to protect our Authorized Customers. For instance, we normally log-off any of our Authorized Customers that logged in through an unauthorized site.

How do you use the information provided during login?

“PeDataCenter”, just like every other server hosting companies use the login information, such as, but ISPs, browser type, and Internet Protocol addresses. These pieces of information are used to track the movement of users, analyze trends, administer the Site, and collect a wide range of demographic information.

What are the partners or service providers with access the confidential information from registered users and visitors?

“PeDataCenter” has gotten into business relationship and affiliations with other vendors. Some of the Vendors we affiliated with will likely access some of the confidential information regarding the reason for evaluating Authorized Customers to ensure eligibility. We do not control the information collection and use by these third-party organizations in our privacy policy.

More so, to comply with the law, we may need to reveal confidential information. So, we will not hesitate to comply with the authority when they request us to release information according to the law. Another reason why we may reveal individual confidential info is to protect the safety and security of our Authorized Customers and Visitors.

Does your website Manage the security of the individual personal information?

The security policy practices of our company are not new to any of our employees. Also, we have few classified employees allowed to access the confidential information of registered users and Visitors. These are the employees that have the password to get the confidential information. Also, to ensure stronger security, safety, and protection, we regularly audit our safety methods and system.

Confidential information, like credit card and social security safeguarded with encryption protocols to ensure absolute protection on the internet. Though we employ some reasonable measures to ensure the safety of our Site, there can be an error in database and electronic communications as well as break-ins, thus, our inability to assure that such event will not occur. So, we do not take responsibility for Authorized Customers and Visitors when such a thing occurs.

What is the method to current abnormalities in Personally Identifiable Information?

Authorized Customers and Visitors are permitted to contact us for confidential information update. To do that you can email us at [email protected]

Can the Collected Personal information be deactivate or delete?

“PeDatacenter” provides a mechanism to deactivate/delete confidential info from the database through contacting for registered members. Nevertheless, regarding record deletion, there is no possibility of deleting already recorded entry without leaving some residual behind. But, your confidential information deactivation request will give us the right to delete the information functionally. Therefore, the user will not be able to trade on the platform.

If the Privacy Policy Changes what will happen?

In case of alteration, changes, or removal of a privacy policy on our platform, we will notify our Authorized Customers and Visitors. But, when changes or alterations to our privacy policy result in the disclosure of another member’s information, we will inform the member to take any action to avoid disclosing that.


The “PeDataCenter” site has other websites linked to it. Be informed that you will be taken to another site when you click on the external links on So, we advise you to take time and read the privacy policy of the site’s links, which possibly is not same with ours.