Refund Policy

When it games to selecting a gamer server host company, it is necessary to confirm one thing, the refund policy. No one wants to spend money on gamer server hosting to regret its letter. So, there is needed to make sure that your money is in the safe hand when you want to invest in the Minecraft game server host.

At PEDataCenter, you are provided with a reliable refund policy to ensure your peace of mind. So, you will always be sure that your money is in a safe hand and can always be returned to you if you are not satisfied with the service to render on the server hosting platform.

Our company is not under any obligation to refund money to players for the reasons below:

Product not delivered

Non-delivery of the product may occur as a result of a problem from courier or mail service. When this is the issue, you may not be able to receive a delivery email from our company. The price of the products will determine our actions in this situation. PEDataCenter may request proof of your e-mail report to our courier or mail Service Company stating the missing item.

Issues with downloading:

When you have challenges preventing you from downloading the product, you may desire to get a refund. Our professional team advised that customers contact the support for their browser provider as we make sure our software can easily be downloaded using major browsers. The problem usually occurs when the customer has difficulty with their network, firewall, or browser.

Software irreparable defects

While it is true that our entire products are tested thoroughly before release, there is still a risk of an unexpected error occurs. When you face this problem, you should not submit the query to the trained and tested support team for your refund request to be approved. We pay close attention to the needs of our customers, which is the reason we invest a lot in making customer support easy and highly effective. So, you can reach out to our result-oriented excellent customer support team ready to attend to the need of customers at any given time.

Wrong product description

A problem features might have been overhyped, making you feel disappointed after reducing the product. When you discover this, you may desire to request for refund of your money. We normally handle the request of this nature on the bases of case-by-case pending our approval. We have done a lot to avoid this kind of problem from customers by providing potential customers with a free sample. The free samples come in the form below:

  • Demo links
  • Video overview
  • Screen shots
  • Product samples.

These samples are provided on all our products, making it easy for everyone to understand what our problem is all about before placing an order.

The sample is the same as the premium product that will be delivered to you when you place an order. That is why you can’t have reason to complain about deceiving descriptions that may not be the same as the real product.