How To Start A Minecraft Faction Server

Learn how to start a Minecraft faction server with this tutorial by Nathan Fernsby.


A faction can be defined as a planned dissenting group selected from a large group, typically in politics. To enjoy the Minecraft Faction action-adventure video game, you must have the idea of faction creation and find out the best way to join a thriving one.

Faction server introduction is made to allow players to form their clan, guilds, or faction with other players and friends in the entire Minecraft community. More so, some servers normally protect the property of a faction and divide or slit the factions in a way that they will take either of the sides in the division.

Read below to be enlightened on how to start a Minecraft faction server. More so, we at PEDataCenter are optimistic that you will enjoy fun gaming with the Minecraft game after understanding how to start your faction server here.

PvP faction server

The best route to a thriving faction server

Before creating and designing your Faction server, there are some things you must put into their rightful places. Among other things, the number one is to make sure you are hosting your game on a dedicated server. You can find many other game hosting servers with the quality and features you have desired.

You have searched for them on the internet and begin to make use of them to experience gaming satisfaction. One more thing you should do after finding a server host company on the internet is to carry out extended research about the company to find out their level of capability in meeting your needs.

Customer support service is a must for every game hosting company that claims to offer quality service. PEDataCenters professional team knows about this and ready to offer excellent customer support services to all its customers. With their tech improved help desk, they can swiftly respond to your query and meet your desires without wasting a lot of time.

Use Premium Minecraft server hosting

When you want to learn how to start a minecraft faction server, there are certain things you should put into considerations. The server host you want to use should be considered as that will determine your overall experience at the end of the day. That is why we often advise gamers to go for premium Minecraft hosting.

Go for a premium hosting to avoid some mistakes in the future or presently. Avoid hosting your server from the computer you use at home as that can compromise your security and protection. That is true whether your home computer has a required RAM size or not, as it is not advisable to use it mainly when you plan to expand your server and accommodate other gamers around.

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The truth is that you need more players to enjoy your Minecraft faction server. The home computer server may not take more than10 players. Get a gigantic server to allow many people to join without experiencing slow in your bandwidth. For this purpose, we offer premium Minecraft hosting to all our customers.

Get the required Bukkit, Themes and Plugins

After completing the requirement for your Minecraft game hosting, you should ensure your bukkit is running on the latest version. The reason for this is to ensure that the bukkit version you have selected matches with the Minecraft latest version. There are many plugins recommended for the Minecraft game hosting service.

We have selected the ones you should use and enjoy satisfaction and fun gaming. Some of the plugins you should use to enhance your gaming satisfaction include:

  • Essentials
  • Group Manager
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard.

To be sure of making use of these plugins, you should learn about them to find out their features and functionalities.

Use donations to pay for your server costs

The Minecraft faction server comes with many things that you must be ready to do to enjoy the game. Donation is among the required features in the Minecraft game server as it will help you to pay off your bills.

To avoid any sort of counterproductive experience in your gaming, you should not threaten anyone to donate to him or her.

The best way to offer the donation to another player, you should only make the person feel comfortably, and remind the person about the option of donation.

You should also let the player about the possible ways the donation will help to enhance the server. These are what you need to make sure that your Minecraft faction server function optimally without any kind of issue. 

Making provision of a great reward system for those that will donate to your server as that will help you to get more donations and grow your server with ease. Most players on your server will be ready to donate without being pushed to do so. But, if you make it obvious to such people that you want to them for the sake of the donation, you may end up not getting them in the first place.

The rule of the thumb is to let them know the need for the donation and decide whether to donate or not on your server.

populated minecraft server

Make your server popular through advertising

Do you want your server to attract more players across the globe? Are you looking for the best way to experience wonderful server economy without passing through stress?

You are not worry as one of the things you need is to advertise your server. Proper advertisement of your server is necessary when you want to make people to join and make the Minecraft gaming more satisfying.

One thing about advertising is that it helps to get your server out for everyone to see and find reason to join. However, it is necessary for you to avoid following other social media users to do what they do when it comes to advertising.

You can make your Faction server accessible to every Minecraft Server list on the internet to get more people to join your server. Getting players in your Minecraft server is not done by magic, as you must be ready to do something meaningful to make that possible.

There is various method of server advertising you can use to get your server out for people to see. But, you must be careful when you are selecting any advertising type to avoid doing something that will put your server into trouble or scaring gamers away completely.

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The essentials to start a faction server in Minecraft

Since you want to learn how to start a minecraft faction server, it is necessary to understand the effect of each of the required plugins available.

The Essentials are among the plugins you should not forget to use when you want to make your gaming better and more satisfying. The game plugin offers unique commands to the server as well as some other features such as home, spawn, kit, warp, and more. That is why it is called the unique plugin needed in your Minecraft faction server hosting.

More so, the Essentials do not work alone as it requires another plugin to work effectively. To get most out of this plugin, you need the group manager, as it works perfectly with it to put you in absolute control of the game spawning as well as dangers on the game server. That made both plugins great as you want to start your Minecraft faction server.

Go for a befitting theme for your faction server

As you plan to learn how to start a minecraft faction server, it is important to be careful while selecting a theme. Your choice of theme will determine your overall gaming experience. More so, you are required to set the befitting theme from the beginning of the game journey.

Before getting started in the Minecraft faction server, you must make sure your themes are set properly. The themes come in different ways and offer various functions. Some of the theme features or functions you will find as you check through PEDataCenter server hosting platform include:

  • Pirate battle theme
  • Medieval theme
  • Futuristic theme

The things you have planned to achieve in the Minecraft Faction server will determine the server theme you will choose. That is why you should always make sure you select befitting themes for your game server hosting.

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Find out about the WorldEdit for your faction server

Minecraft faction game requires a lot of creative moves and activities. Ready to showcase your creativity in building your faction or clan, and to get that done, you need the help of some required plugins.

The WorldEdit helps you to increase the speed of your building process with different commands, such as resizing, copying, and building. Another thing you must know about the WorldEdit is that it is designed for the protection or security of your Minecraft game server from the grief.

In that regard, the plugin is needed from the beginning of your faction building. With the help of these plugins, save zoning your game server and building the factions will be as easy as possible.

The Group manager and what you should know about faction minecraft server

Minecraft faction server like other servers comes with a need for ranks and ranking. To make the ranking possible, you need a unique plugin, and that is where the need of Group Manager comes in. It is a plugin that manages rank as well as permissions for all the ranks.

You will need this ranking permission management when you have a lot of staff members, and the trusted ranks, such as donation ranks and more. Game players are encouraged by the Group Manager as it enables them to enjoy playing the game all the time. More so, with the help of the plugin, you can permit some specified ability.

To learn more about the easier way to configure the permissions, you should visit some tutorials on the internet.

essential plugins for faction servers in Minecraft

Some of the optional plugins you need for your server

There are a lot of optional plugins available for anyone ready to start a Minecraft faction server. The plugins listed here will assist you in learning how to start a Minecraft faction server. Some of the server plugin that will be helpful to you include:


If you want a plugin helpful in managing the reward system, you should remember GAListeners. It gives you absolute control of the things to use as a reward to your players after they have voted for your server.


The CombatLog is a plugin that will prevent you from getting disconnected from the game as you are in battle. More so, the plugin will help you to be killed if you decide to live in the middle of a batter. In that regard, making it easy for the cheated out an opponent to get the loot.


With these plugins, players will not find it difficult to vote for your server while they play their game. More so, players on your server will be able to vote on other servers to get a reward. So, you can get as many votes as you desired, which will lure more players to join your faction server.

Custom plugins

There are developers ready to develop a custom plugin for gamer’s base on their needs and specifications. With the custom plugin, you can do a lot of things you probably would not have been able to do in the game.


Here is one of the most amazing plugins, allowing gamers to manage their auctions, and making it easy for items to be auctioned to the other players. Bidding on the auctions will make it easy for a player to take part in the server economy.


This plugin has a lot of responsibilities in the Minecraft game server. It is responsible for preventing the activity of hackers in your system. If any hacker is attempting to get to your system, the plugin will notify you about the person and activity.

making money with Minecraft Faction servers

Some reasons to learn how to start a Minecraft faction server

Stating your faction server is only a click of a mouse away. That is the reason you should not waste another minute before getting it done today. Starting your Minecraft server may take more time than you ever expected. That is the reason you should consider learning more about how to start a Minecraft faction server.

When learning the simple way to start a Minecraft server, you will save time and your energy in trying to get it done the wrong way. Also, as you learn the effective way to start the game server, you will discover the recommended and optional plugins to install to make your Minecraft server work effectively.

Another thing you must know about starting a Minecraft HCF server is that it allows you to be in control of your game, as you will always know the right plugins, add-ons, and mods available in the server provided. In that regard, you have every opportunity to enjoy the more immersive gaming experience as you following the expert guides on how to start your Minecraft faction server provided on the when you take advantage of the PEDataCenter. We are ready to provide you with the befitting theme to make your gaming more entertaining and satisfying.

Final Words

Now you can start your Minecraft faction server following the guides provided on this article. Your fun gaming experience will be guaranteed when you take advantage of the expert guides provided here for your Minecraft faction server setup.

Your journey to a successful and effective server will be smoother and more interesting than you can ever imagine, as you follow up with the information provided on this content. You need a premium Minecraft hosting to get the most out of your online video gaming experience.

More so, their various themes, plugins, and bukkit available to give you the level of satisfaction you have always desired. Among the recommended server you should use for your Minecraft game setup include WordEdit, Group manager, Essentials, and WorldGuard.

These are the plugins that will help to transform your game completely, putting you in total control of everything happening in the imaginary world. More so, it may interest you to know that there are some optional plugins you will likely find as you make use of the features provided in the game server here.

Some of these game servers available include:

  • Custom plugins
  • SilkSpawners
  • NoCheatPlus
  • floAuctions
  • CombatLog
  • GAListners
  • Votifier

Adding to these optional plugins come some of the things you need to do to make gaming more entertaining than before. You need donations from gamers on your server, and to grow the number of players coming to your server, you should try as much as possible to advertise your server.

Starting up your own Minecraft faction server is a click of a mouse away when you follow the guides provided on our platform. That made it nice that you take advantage of the opportunity presented before you as you check through our guides to learn how to start a Minecraft faction server today.