How To Start A Minecraft Prison Server

Learn how to start a Minecraft prison server with this tutorial by Nathan Fernsby.


Minecraft is a game that allows gamers to learn how to code, as they enjoy the fun gaming experience. It is a game with something to offer the older adult, youth, and children alike at any given time. When you want to give your children a fun way of learning how to code in a certain programming language, you should consider introducing them to the Minecraft game.

Everyone wants to enjoy the video game that will make him or her happy, as they play the game of their choice. Now it is your turn to enjoy the gaming entertainment you have always desired with your friends and loved ones. The game comes in different forms and modes to meet the needs of everyone.

Prison servers are among the game modes that allow gamers to play the role of either an authority or a prisoner. More so, there are various features associated with this game that can make your day enjoyable and entertaining.

But to enjoy these features, you need to start your Minecraft server. We will introduce some tips on How to start a Minecraft prison server on this content. So, if you want to find out the best way to stand chances of setting the gaming rules in the Minecraft server, you check our PEDatacenter online platform.

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Some things you should know about prison server gaming

Have you visited the prison and discovered the way people there behave? Do you think there are things prison authorities are not doing well, which you can easily correct? Now is the time to show your ability in the gaming world.

The Minecraft prison server comes with the features that will make you decide on the role to play either the prisoner or authority.

Playing Minecraft prison mode is a way to enjoy fun and unforgettable gaming. It is the way to live your normal life in the gaming world. In this game server, you will not find pieces of land available for free to set up your building operation. So, to get the pieces of land you need for your building, you must do earn in-game currency.

Earning the in-game currency will also help you rank and advance in the game ranking. Different servers have different rules that guide gamers on the platform. Some allow PVP and some allow other guards, and more. These guards are introduced in the prison server to move from one prison ward to another and kill inmates in possession of some contraband items.

Furthermore, the Minecraft prison server comes with many other amazing gaming features. You can include these features in your game to enhance your fun and entertainment. But, we at PEDataCenter is here to introduce you to the tips on How to start a Minecraft prison server to stand a chance of making rules that govern your server.

Many gamers are coming to our site for the tutorial on how to start their own Minecraft server. The tutorials are simple, succinct, and straight to point, making it easy for readers to comprehend without scratching their heads.

Warming up for your Minecraft Prison Server setup

If you want to avoid difficulty in setting up your own Minecraft prison server, you should pay attention to the tutorials provided on our online platform.

These tutorials are prepared by the trusted, trained, and reliable Minecraft experts who have been playing the game for long. There are several steps to follow on How to start a Minecraft prison server.

However, you do not need to worry about the enormous steps, as we are ready to break them down into simpler and easy to understand form here. More so, before getting started, you should find out some required plugins for the smooth running of your server.

All the plugins and adds-on provided required in your Minecraft prison server will be explained here.

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Planning to start your Minecraft prison server

Planning is an essential step everyone must take in life when there is a need to do something important. When it comes to learning How to start a Minecraft prison server, one of the things you will learn is planning.

Being in a hurry when you want to start your Minecraft prison server can only result in errors and mistakes. Take your time and plan!

The first step in your Minecraft journey is to give room to plan before execution. The reason or planning is to avoid messing things up at the end of the day.

Roadblocks are almost inevitable as you start your own Minecraft prison server. So, there is a need to plan on how to overcome the roadblocks without being discouraged. That is the reason you should avoid planning as you build the prison server.

When you are done with the planning phase of the game, you should also ensure full execution of your plans, as that will determine your success or failure in the game.

Get the required Prison Addons and Plugins

It may interest you to know that the planning phase is designed to enable you to consider the possible adds-on and plugins required to make your Minecraft prison server easy to use.

That is we at PEDataCenter are ready to do everything possible to meet your needs today. Make sure that you bring in the required plugins for your game into the whole arrangement. The error most Minecraft gamers normally make is to pick plugins at random without taking their time to study and master the one they want to use.

Knowing the plugin you want to use is essential. That is the reason our tutorial on How to start a Minecraft prison server will not be completed except we discuss the plugin required extensively. When you have acquired knowledge about the plugin to use, you should also find out the right way of configuration.

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We have recommended some plugins for your Minecraft prison server, including:

  • PermissionEx
  • Server Signs
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • PrisonMine
  • PlotMe
  • PaidRanks and more.

Tips on how to setup your Minecraft prison server

Plugin setup is among the things you will learn when you check our tutorial on How to start a Minecraft prison server. Different server plugin require different setup process. So, you must confirm more about the setup steps to follow on the particular plugin you have selected. The WorldGuard plugin is popularly used in the prison server.

There are various features to modify here to get what you want for your game. Adjust global region flags, which will make you invisible, block commands, and more. The region the plugin and set it to the number of your choice. The reason for this is to avoid overridden commands, which is usually the issue associated with the use of this plugin.

Make sure build and invisible are working in the region you set before introducing the PrisonMines. You can also use other plugins capable of setting up the mines. The most interesting thing you should know about setting up your plugin is that you can do it without the help of anyone. Follow the on-screen instruction to get it done the way you desire.

Accept donations for the prison server costs

One of the main objectives of learning How to start a Minecraft prison server is to be in control of your server. It is also to make sure that you are the one making decisions and setting the rules for others to follow.

More so, getting the number of players you want on your server is not enough, as you must find out the cunning way to trigger them into donating on the platform. When you want to set up your donation on the server, you can go for BuyCraft or DonationCraft plugin.

When you get this, go ahead and create a donation rank package. The truth about this is that you only have to give a command once, and the plugin will do the rest of the job.

For bulk editing, add the entire permissions to a particular player, and this can be set up with a click of a mouse. Setting up your server in the proper way will increase your chances of climbing higher in your rank.

Protection and hosting of your Minecraft server

There is a need to do everything possible to protect your server. Learning How to start a Minecraft prison server without finding out the best way to protect the server is useless.

The protection of your service is an important aspect of setting up the server you should not miss. Make sure that you consider all the possible factors that will affect the privacy of your gamers and get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Also, you should consider hosting the Minecraft server when you are done setting up the entire required parameters. Make sure you ensure high hosting performance for your prison server, and you will stand a chance of enjoying gaming in a more captivating manner.

These are the reasons PEDataCenter is out to offer you the best server hosting service on the internet.

The required plugins you need to start a Prison/Jail server

You must find out some of the required plugins needed to set up your prison server. We have already made mention of the plugins but will repeat it here.

The reason for restarting the plugins is that it is among the important factors on How to start a Minecraft prison server. Some of the best plugins you need for your Minecraft server setup today include:

  • Essentials
  • Sever Signs
  • WorldEdit
  • PermissionsEx
  • PaidRanks
  • WorldGuard.

The WorldGuard plugin

To learn How to start a Minecraft prison server, one important thing is to learn about the various plugins required to make it possible. There are many plugins and adds-on available for you to add to your Minecraft prison server with various functions.

So, you have to take time to find out the particular one you want to use before going ahead to make use of it. The WorldGuard server plugin is designed with everything you need to enjoy smooth server hosting. Another thing you should know about server plugins is that some of them depend on others to function fully.

That is the case of the WorldGuard, which does not work effectively except in conjunction with WordEdit. The need for this plugin is to secure your territories. To do this, you should select the territory you want to secure before putting in the code. Also, you can give room for the occurrence of certain operations, and block out certain operations with the use of the region and command.

PermissionsEx Plugin

If you are learning How to start a Minecraft prison server, one of the plugins you need to know is PermissionsEx. It is a plugin known for its essence in Minecraft game servers. Apart from using this plugin for a prison server, it is also important in other Minecraft servers. The importance of this plugin depends largely on your knowledge of the permission node.

So, if you do not have an idea of this node, you will not be able to use the plugin. More so, you need the permission note to give a command. Installation of PermissionsEx assigns you to a group automatically. The group assigned to you after installing this plugin will serve as your first rank.

Typically, your Minecraft prison server group is considered as your rank. You also have an opportunity to create a separate group name that is not the same as the existing group. The command to get this done has been provided on the PEDataCenter online platform.

PaidRanks Plugin

With the PaidRanks Pluing, you have what you need to start the Minecraft prison server. It is a plugin most Minecraft gamers are finding difficult to understand. In that regard, some people that do not know about this plugin are not able to benefit from its enormous features.

The number of the aim of building or creating your server is to be in control as you rank up to the ladder. That is what the PaidRanks Ppluign is made to offer.

It is a plugin that will enable you to increase your rank speedily. Another thing you should know about the PaidRanks is that it comes with ease of use properties. Management of your rank advancement is made possible through the help of the PaidRanks plugin.

To learn more about the Minecraft prison server, contact PEDataCenter online.

Steps to make your Minecraft prison server popular

Now you are done setting up your Minecraft prison server, another thing you should do is to learn the best way to make it popular. Making your Minecraft server popular is among the things included in our tutorial on How to start a Minecraft prison server. Many factors are to be considered when you want to make your prison server popular, and you will learn about them as you continue to read through this content.

Design an impressive website

Designing a nice clan website for your Minecraft server is one way to get people into accepting to join the server and also make a donation. The majority of your visitors will be convinced to donate when you make your site impressive and easy to use.

Adding some communication tools to your servers such as Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, or Discord can increase your chances of getting more players to be attracted to your prison server.

Create custom content

One other way to attract gamers to your Minecraft server is to create custom content. You can do this by making your building and mines special. There are builders around to help you set up some attractive build stuff.

Organize a special event

Continue to create events for the members of your server, and more people will be attracted to join. Also, your event will be more attractive to players when you attach a reward to winners. That is one strategy that has proved effective over time.

Recruit some staff and ensure they are active

You need active staff to convince Minecraft gamers that your server is safe for them. Increasing your server will be easy when you have active staff that is ready to remain active as they attend to the needs of other players. Having staff available for immediate response to player’s queries is one way to attract more players.

Final Words

You have the opportunity to learn How to start a Minecraft prison server without passing through stress when you follow our online platform. We have taken our time to create tutorials on how you can set up your Minecraft prison service without the hassle.

Knowing the right plugin to add to your server is essential, as that will increase your chances of making your server better. More so, you should find out the best way to make the prison server you created popular to improve your rank and get rewarded.

These are what you need to make your Minecraft prison server the best online.